FOR SALE: But is this for real as Emoov property lists on Rightmove for £5m?

Yesterday, what appeared to be a spoof listing appeared on Rightmove, possibly put there by a disaffected present or former employee of Emoov.

It offers a one bedroom townhouse for sale for £5m.

The address given is New North House, Ongar Road, Brentwood, Essex, and the floorplans seem to show an office – possibly Emoov’s former headquarters?

The firm is now headquartered in Bury Street, London, but was previously on the fourth floor of New North House in Ongar Road.

While apparently cannibalised from a genuine listing, the slideshow depicts an office with Emoov product placement.

The description says that key features include ‘lovely floors’ and ‘worst office yet’.

It also says that these are “fantastic headquarters for a fantastic company”.

The listing is here:

But should it disappear, we have taken screengrabs, including this one:


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  1. J1

    Perhaps it would have survived better if it had more modest head office premises

    I fear that online agency has simply been a vanity exercise that has been a disaster for many

  2. willco

    New North House is splashed across the web as their HQ and shown as the correspondence address on Companies House for the king of smoke and mirrors.

    A fine palace by the looks of it but possibly not as fine as their current head office in the heart of the City right opposite The Gherkin!

    Makes you wonder where it all went wrong . . .

    1. PeeBee

      Same ‘willco’ (but with different spelling) to the one of bygone days, or new entrant?

      1. willco

        Always been this spelling PeeBee but only an occasional contributor.

        1. PeeBee

          Thought so.  The other ‘wilko’ hasn’t been back to site for best part of a couple of years…
          …under his original posting name, at least!
          Apologies for seeming to call you a newbie, by the way – I’ve actually noticed you posting for a couple of years.  The fact that your coming and ‘wilko’ departing at similar times, added to you once stating you are/were a Gold OTM member, made me put two and two together back then – hence the question now.

  3. P-Daddy

    Well done whoever did it!

    They have plagiarized a property file that’s all so it hasn’t been up there that long 🙂


  4. PeeBee

    This is the most recent one of several that have been “listed” on Rightmove in the last 3 or so years: – but the listing has been #NUKED

    Regular readers may also remember they used the same postcode for a couple of dozen new-build apartment scheme listings in Liverpool, Salford Quays and Bradford.

    As you would, of course…


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