Floorplans of the Week: And these have a certain wonky charm

We rather like these floorplans. In the art world, we think they’d be called “naïve”.

Spotted on a listing for online agent Tepilo, they have a somewhat wonky charm all of their own – although the agent who sent us the link rather unkindly said: “We’ve been laughing our heads off.”

We see from Tepilo’s site that it does offer professional floorplans – but only within its two more expensive packages.

In the cheapest one, costing £645, they’re not included, so at a guess . . .

Any other contenders for this brand new occasional series on EYE are very welcome.




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  1. ArthurHouse02

    I guess this is a good example of you get what you pay for. Also good to see that the owners children are getting involved as i assume that floorplan was drawn by a child

  2. mark_one

    Poor photos as well. Clicking on the second floorplan tab brings up a wonky EPC. But yes, a classic example of you get what you pay for.

  3. FlyingSheep54

    So that’s how they “sell thousands of houses every month”

    1. mark_one

      Slight exaggeration I think as they only have 1,772 listings in total.

  4. Will

    Good tracing. Cost vendor nothing  I guess.

  5. SJEA

    That’s funny !

    You can imagine the conversation with their seller next week after all the agents have clicked through to look at the brochure on Right Move – ‘I told you adding that floorplan would generate more interest….’

    I personally would be horrified being the seller – the agent cannot afford a ruler !

    1. g4lvo17

      I would hazard a guess that this was drawn by the vendor from an old set of details from when they bought it

  6. smile please

    Seller want over half a million quid.

    Click the link, look at the marketing and let that sink in.

  7. smile please

    My favourite bullet point is

    “Between the Wars”

    Is that the war between online listers and full service estate agents?

  8. gk1uk2001

    That is an absolutely shocking set of details – photos, description, floorplan the lot – for any property, let alone one that is on the market for over half a million quid! If I was the neg that put these together I’d be ashamed.

  9. Sunbeam175

    Online agents! Tut tut. You certainly get what you pay for. At least they’re better than Purplebricks in the sense that when you swap to a proper agent you haven’t lost as much money!!?,

  10. propertybloke394

    My favourite ‘Other feature’ is the sunny garden… I’d pay £500k for my own piece of sun in Reading!


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