Floorplan of the Week: And just how do we get up the stairs or go into the kitchen?

Floorplan of the Week – and this is another in the series of missing staircases.

There must be a method of getting from the ground floor to the first floor, but we keep getting lost half way.

Then there’s the apparent mystery as to how you access two of the upstairs bedrooms.

Back downstairs (you may have to jump some of the way, so watch it), we cannot find a way of accessing the utility room and the kitchen beyond, other than through the back door.

Also, as most of you know, EYE cannot do maths (we’re marginally better at words) – but do those measurements look spot on to you? There must be a reason why the bedroom above the dining room is so much larger than the room below.

This Southampton property is on with, dare we say it, Purplebricks.




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  1. Woodentop

    Where is the living room, why is bedroom also bigger than the utility room, isn’t there a 1/4 landing leading to the bathroom you can’t get to. As for the photography …… a child could do better and what on earth did they think the shower head was going to sell the property? admittedly it is better looking than the bedroom with squatter and the side gate … what’s that about. Professional service … don’t make me laugh.

    1. lettingsneg96

      A child probably did do it,  with purple bricks fee’s being the same price as a bag of nobbys nuts they could only afford to imploy a child.


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