Five key Buddhist principles that work positively in estate agency

Mike Day

I am not a religious man but I do believe in trying to understand, and potentially learn from, the many philosophies and moral codes that exist, and how they can be successfully embedded into the culture of our lives and businesses.

Here are five key Buddhist principles that I believe work positively in the estate agency context:

Define the Goal:

Begin by clarifying your purpose and setting clear objectives. Understand what you aim to achieve in your endeavours. This principle encourages focus and intent in your plans and actions.

Rely on cause and effect:

Recognise that your actions have consequences. In estate agency, ethical behaviour and positive interactions with customers creates trust and long-term relationships. Of course, and conversely, negative actions can harm your reputation and business prospects.

Develop empathy and compassion for the customer:

Treat your customers with kindness and understanding. Put yourself in their shoes, ask questions, listen actively, and address their needs. A compassionate approach will foster better customer relationships and loyalty.

Be mindful of change and be flexible and innovative:

Sales environments are dynamic. Embrace change and adaptability. Recognise that market conditions, customer preferences, and business strategies evolve. Stay open-minded and willing to adjust your approach.

Follow ethical principles and demonstrate respect for colleagues and customers:

Uphold honesty, integrity, and fairness in everything you do. Treat colleagues, customers, and competitors respectfully. Ethical conduct builds trust and contributes to a positive business ecosystem.

In addition, Buddhism encourages personal responsibility and a wholesome view of actions. These values can enhance not only sales performance but also overall well-being within the business. Remember that integrating these principles in your working modus operandi and bringing about cultural change will require consistent practice, reflection and review.

With the run in to the general election dominating the media at present, the words of Persian poet and philosopher Rumi also seem relevant. He said:

Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates:

Is it true?

Is it necessary?

Is it kind?

We all have a choice on how we choose to speak and behave and, it seems to me that, taking this approach will help generate the most positive and productive interactions with customers, colleagues and competitors.

I have enjoyed a happy, successful career in the property industry for nearly fifty years and have seen much good during that time. I have developed a level of resilience that has seen me through the inevitable dark days and my work with Agents Together and The Propertymark Trust are tangible demonstrations of how we can all help each other to help others and achieve what American sales guru Zig Ziglar once wisely said:

“You can have everything you seek in life if you just help enough other people achieve what they seek in life.”


Michael Day is head of Integra Property Services



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