Fine & Country offices to be subject to random inspections

Fine & Country offices are to be subject to random inspections this year, while new joiners will be visited.

The aim is to monitor the operating standard of all offices and ensure all branches are fully compliant with the latest legislation

This was among the messages heard by delegates at the Fine & Country conference, gala dinner and annual awards, held in Birmingham on Friday.

Over 150 estate agents were at the event, including international representatives from as far afield as Qatar, Italy, Portugal, Hungary and Malta.

Fine & Country CEO David Lindley announced a strategy for this year, which included marketing plans.

After the success of Fine & Country’s first television advert in 2016, the company will return to the Channel 4 screen in March, April and May. The advert will run again in the autumn.

As well as TV, Fine & Country continues to advertise in key print publications such as the Sunday Times, The Times and The Telegraph.

Delegates heard that many improvements are being made to the website, including a 24/7 live chat feature powered by Yomdel, while an instant valuation tool and lifestyle features have been added to property pages.

Other new features will be added, including a facility to allow clients to mark their preferred time for a valuation or viewing.

Fantastic results for the Fine & Country Foundation were congratulated at the conference. Over £100,000 was raised in aid of homelessness charities. This is a result of efforts throughout the company over the year, including sleep outs, coffee mornings, runs and even Ironman challenges.

It was also the best year yet for PR and social media, with huge increases of followers online and more mentions for Fine & Country in the media than ever before.

In the evening, the annual Fine & Country awards were held. Offices were congratulated across the UK, with the top prize of ‘Best Overall Operator’ going to Fine & Country Cranbrook.

Lindley said: “The Fine & Country conference was a huge success. All the agents who attended were positive about our plans for 2017, particularly regarding TV advertising.

“The 12 months ahead will bring challenges but we are excited to see the results.”


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  1. grumskikorski

    Call me sensitive maybe but I think the article headline is deliberately ‘sensationalist’.

    Typical of the creeping negative journalistic style that is pervading the media… Good news captures interest too surely?

    Why couldn’t you have just said something like ‘F & C take their compliance seriously and have implemented a stringent regime of checking their offices’ ??


    1. AgencyInsider

      Er, maybe because your suggested headline would have everyone asleep before they got to the end of the sentence?

    2. PRman

      Come off it grumskikorski. You reckon a headline with “stringent regime” in it is better than “random inpsections”? You won’t trump Ros for headlining writing skill but you might trump Trump for his outstanding regime marketing skills!

      1. PRman

        Sorry: headline writing is what I should have said. Looks lime I’ve out-trumped Trump for typing skills!

  2. grumskikorski


    maybe headline writing isn’t my forte but i hope you took my point!

    it was deliberately negative to catch the eye

    i happen to think that good news is eye catching too


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