Fancy a Jaguar F Type for just £20? Estate agent comes up with novel way to sell his sports car

A Chelsea estate agent who raffled off his Porsche last year to pay for his wedding is now looking to sell his Jaguar F Type using a similar route ahead of becoming a dad.

Former Foxtons agent Ed Bezzant, who now works for Chatterton Rees, is selling tickets to enter a competition to win his sports car as he is now expecting his first child so needs a more suitable vehicle.

He is aiming to sell a minimum of 3,000 tickets, which would earn him £60,000. Similar models are currently for sale for around £40,000 to £50,000.

The car is a 64 plate white F Type with 22,000 mileage, a panoramic roof and satnav.

He will deliver it to the winner in the UK.

Under Gambling Commission rules, competitions must have an element of skill, so Bezzant will pick a winner live on Sunday (March 25) through his Instagram profile, @edbezzant, and that person must test their skill in a “Where’s Wally” test within 60 seconds. If they fail another person will be picked.

Bezzant said: “As I am now expecting my first child I can sadly no longer have a two-seater car, for now.

“It is honestly an amazing car to own and drive.”

Meanwhile, his Porsche successfully sold for £50,000 in September. EYE is waiting in anticipation to see how he funds future milestones.

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  1. Elmer Fudd

    I know it’s normal to register the birth and give the child a name dearest but I’ve been thinking; we might sell more tickets if the lucky couple get to do that bit for themselves??”

  2. DASH94

    So Mr Bezzant picks the winner?   That seems to be a bit less random than you’d expect.

    Might have been a good idea to use the spell checker on the ad too.


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