Family who sold their business to Countrywide return to the market after over three years

A family who had to sit on the sidelines of the property market after selling their business to Countrywide are back – and already making their presence felt.

Scott Littlefair, his father Richard Littlefair and sister Donna Sanderson owned and ran Letters of Distinction in York until they sold to Countrywide three and a half years ago.

In January they launched Littlefairs Property Company and within their first six months of trading have exceeded their expectations for the whole year.

Their target had been to manage 90 rental properties within 12 months, but they already have over 180 homes on their books across North and West Yorkshire.

Managing director Scott Littlefair said: “We are really pleased to be back serving the property market in our home city of York, but also in the surrounding areas of Harrogate, Wetherby, Thirsk, Ripon, Leeds and beyond.

“With over 45 years’ combined experience, we are well placed to provide landlords with a personal and well informed service.”

Donna Sanderson said that in the period between selling Letters of Distinction and launching Littlefairs, rents had gone up 15%.


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  1. Hillofwad71

    The way of all flesh . A pattern to be repeated  across the brands at CWD.All the sharp shooters treading water organising  themselves to splinter -gratis.

    Thanks for the cheque and the salary over the last few years,  we  are off now  and taking  the goodwill with us


    It;s funny how they hit the ground running and business increases immediately


    Littlefair no doubt looking to sell themslves back in a few years time .


    This is why there is so little value in CWD when their best players just walk off leaving the corporate  debt behind


  2. smile please

    Agency in our patch have done the same. More of it to come to add to CW woes.

  3. GeorgeHammond78

    How the Littlefairs must be laughing their family socks off – CWD most likely paid well over the odds, did their usual p**s poor management of what they acquired, the family enjoyed an all expenses paid few years off recharging their batteries, used a smidgeon of the money paid by CWD to relaunch and then reacquired most of the managed portfolio they had previously sold. So the moral of the story??? If you can put up with seeing a woeful corporate destroy your previously hard won business, contenting yourself with a big lump of money, have a few years off before setting up again, then you should seriously contemplate selling to anyone of the many corporates still looking to buy. There are plenty out there who are desperate to buy income following the TFB who are paying stupid multiples.

  4. minion89

    Thanks for sharing this useful information, please continue to update and share more on your website. Thanks very much!


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