Is this a next step forward for live virtual reality tours?

A virtual reality property tours provider, EyeSpy360, claims it is in talks with several agents about embedding a guided service for viewers.

The service would let someone interested in a property view it virtually with interactive 3D images through any device and be guided through it with an agent at the same time.

The agent and viewer would both be able to “walk” through the property and click on certain aspects for more information. The agent and viewer will also be able to talk to each other.

Take-up of virtual reality seems to have been slow by agents across the industry so far.

However, Andrew Nicholls, chief executive of EyeSpy360, says the market will be helped once the cost and size of virtual reality headsets comes down. He says he gets around 20 sign-ups a day with about half from UK agents.

Nicholls said: “What we are focusing on is the here and now, which is mobile, tablet and desktop, and whilst this technology will normalise consumers’ adoption of 360 content, it will act as a stepping stone to virtual reality ultimately.

“Agents right now need to cut costs and waste, and this will be a major benefit to them, allowing them to focus on ‘real sales’.

“From conversations we have had, 80% to 90% of viewings are wasted and don’t lead to a sale.”

EyeSpy360 is aiming for a launch of the service, dubbed EyespyLIVE, by September.

We had a demo, and it seems impressive.

We should however make it clear that despite the name, it is totally unrelated to EYE.


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  1. smile please

    Poor man’s matterport.

    1. EYESPY360

      I’d be very interested in understanding your reasoning behind this statement.

      1. smile please

        If you have any knowledge of Matterport (Assume you do) you will know why.

        This tech has been around for years. Others doing it better.

        For those that read this and do not know, Matterport allows you to embed, create showreels, embed video in a tour, proper VR experience, create floorplans, take room measurements, soon to be google certified to marry up with street view, Has a world class camera. Along with a whole lot more.

        And if an agent really wanted to take a viewer through a tour (why i have no idea!) – They can do it in the office or if remotely just do a screen share.

    2. J1

      Matterport takes 1 hour to do 100 sq feet

      You can do a 4 bed detached in 20 minutes with immoviewer

      Matterport is superior but takes too long, and clients will not tolerate it in every day situations

  2. The Property Jungle

    It’s not the next step. It’s a me too step.

    Immoviewer has been providing this feature FOC as part of their system for nearly 2 years.

    1. PropTech278912

      Not entirely correct. As a user and tester of both, Immoviewer is 3 times the price even with the FOC add on, at least 50% slower and from what I have seen from both products, Immoviewer does not support Live Video Chat, which is the key here. So to me both systems are not comparable. Horse and cart vs Tesla.

      1. J1

        Honestly this is not entirely relevant or correct entirely either

        One can be on the phone and show an immoviewer tour.  Chat and tours is a lot going on don’t you think

        Immoviewer is actually very good value if you use it enough, and or charge extra for it

  3. OnTheUp

    “Take-up of virtual reality seems to have been slow by agents across the industry so far.”

    Let’s break this down;

    VR is too time-consuming to create the content. So many agents I’ve spoken to have bought the equipment only for it to sit in a cupboard because nobody’s got the time to go and shoot a property in VR.

    The quality is poor. I tried a Matterport headset on at a recent conference and the quality was shockingly bad. It was pixelated and very disorienting. If the supposed market leader can’t get a good headset experience sorted out then who can?

    If you think that having some kind of ‘VR suite’ in your office is going to replace actual physical viewings, you’re deluded. Putting on a smelly, sweaty headset used by countless other people… ladies having their makeup smudged … it’s just a bad experience all round.

    Vendors don’t like it – it’s intrusive. You can look at family photos on the wall, where they might keep their jewellery etc. Plus, the property has to be immaculate as you can see into every corner of each room.


    1. EYESPY360

      I agree with regards to VR.

      VR is not there yet, it is still 3-5 years away from mass-adoption. See keynote speech where our CEO discusses this:

      The quality isn’t good enough for mass adoption, which is why we have stated that what we are producing is for today’s market, being mobile, tablet and desktop. VR (referring to Virtual Reality Headsets) right now is a marketing opportunity, no more no less.


  4. Woodentop

    Unless you have a show house this will not work and 98% of the market are not show houses. As a good idea and a move forward but someone doesn’t understand how a property is sold if they believe this is going to be the common practice in the future. If anything it takes away the “feel factor” and more likely to be a disruptor to the 98% rather than a help? Gimmick (tongue in cheek) to be one ahead of another agents listing tool but when you don’t use it  … vendors will be asking why ….. answer …. your are one of the 98%!

  5. Steve_Smithson

    A problem all agents face, not tackled by the solutions mention here, is differentiation. How can you offer something that is unique and different to help protect your fees and be the thing the vendor loves that wins you the instruction. The best digital viewing experience is no good if the other agents in your street are also offering exactly the same thing.

    Agents need ways to be more personal, to add into their marketing their own personality. There are products out there that allow you to do this, and nobody can copy you … because there’s only one you 🙂

  6. justmakeasoddingofferforgodsake70


    Why is it all about ‘proptech’ now? Young agents who don’t wear ties anymore will tell you with a smug look on their face “its all about technology now”, that’s because they’re too fudging lazy to do any serious work themselves.

    Selling houses doesn’t really need so much technology. It is about people, salesmanship and connections. Vendors don’t give a flying foccacia whether or not you use Viewber or virtual viewings or Twitter or whatever the latest garbage agents are being told is essential to sell a property these days.

    If a serious buyer (the kind you want to deal with) wants a house, they’ll find a time to view it. With recent legislation, you pretty much have to meet a buyer face to face to confirm their identity (cant even accept an emailed scan of their ID, have to actually see the physical thing from my understanding), so what use are virtual viewings anyway?

    All an agent needs aside from portals and papers is a good photographer and lots of connections. If you know people, you can sell houses.





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