EYE NEWSFLASH: Restructure at Purplebricks as layer of management is removed

Purplebricks is reorganising its management structure with the removal of its regional directors.

While three have been promoted to become divisional sales directors and two to become divisional lettings directors, seven are in talks with Purplebricks. It is understood they will either be offered redundancy or alternative roles.

News of the restructure comes after the departure of national sales director Andy Harris was announced.

An internal email to staff from new managing director Allan Warren  reads:

Hi all

As you know, we’re looking at all aspects of how we run Purplebricks, with the aim of giving our customers the best possible service and growing to 10% market share.

Today we’re announcing plans to increase the number of Divisional Sales Directors to six people and remove the Regional Director layer from our structure.

We’re proposing that our three existing DSDs, Tom Greenacre, Christian Howes and Richard Olliffe, will be joined by Angela Wallace, Kris Dykes and Paul Humphrys. This will give us a really strong team of DSDs to lead the field across the UK.

As part of these changes, we have also made the decision to create new leadership roles within our Lettings business, to work within Verona Frankish’s team and to support our growth strategy in this important part of our business.

We are delighted to confirm that Issac Bull and Benjamin Jobbins will be moving across to Lettings, working alongside Susan Liles, in newly created Divisional Lettings Directors (DLD) positions, which will significantly boost our expertise in the field leadership team.

We are currently consulting with the remaining RDs about what this means for them and, where it’s possible and appropriate, we’re exploring if we can redeploy them elsewhere. I would ask that you are mindful of this in any communication with them or anyone else, as this is obviously an unsettling time.

We believe these changes will remove complexity, bring everyone closer to our customers and set us up for success as we aim for our 10% target.

Please let me or the DSDs /DLDs know if you have any questions.



EYE NEWSFLASH: New managing director is appointed at Purplebricks





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  1. OneEyedJack

    Probably something to do with ALL of the Lettings Regional Directors leaving due to such a poor product.

    Heard numerous complaints about not being able to get hold of a Lettings person in our area both front or back of house.

    Lettings must unsustainable for them, restructure might help the sales offering.


    1. DASH94



      This is why PB Lettings is a bad idea.

      Honestly – would anyone of you have marketed this property like this?  (way overpriced too)

      1. OneEyedJack

        All of LLE’s must be thinking what’s going on. The whole of Regional Directorahip left due to the leadership team being inept and having no Lettings experience. (Par for the course)

        Still spouting same nonsense and now they have the rejected sales RD’s to tell them how to let.

        Won’t be long before the Lettings proposition removed as costing too much money. Maybe the Lettings leaders need a long hard look at removing a layer of management – them !?


  2. J1

    Will the territory owners be next?

    The pyramid is changing shape

  3. Knowitall

    A certain new DSD is vastly ill equipped and the industry be better without his sort… and another moving to lettings has (a purplebricks common theme) no experience in that industry! 
    PurpleBricks persists on being a laughing stock. 10% market share? a dream that will never happen. They are going through staff like a 2009 countrywide branch!   
    Worth mentioning their “lifetime fee” has now been pulled… how many customers aware of that? customers need read the agreement now…. still LPE’s selling it as a lifetime fee. 

  4. Londonbound

    This is purely a cost cutting effort to increase profit to ultimately appease the shareholders.
    First all financial support was pulled from us LPEs (at no notice, AND at Christmas).
    Then we got hammered with auctions, grabbing a full fee from the vendor AND a 5k premium from the buyer.
    Now removing expensive and mostly inaffective RDs to further cost cut.
    They are just milking this cow to death.

    1. NotAdoctor32

      Surely if they were ineffective, it is a good business decision?

      1. Londonbound

        Sorry, I meant super productive.

  5. JVSOZ

    Love to see 10% market share actually happen.

    Then we could all believe in the concept and buy shares in this amazing up and coming company with a profitable concept that’ll work…

    It’s a shame that there’s never been any respectable people at the top who know how to lead a successful organisation.

    1. Londonbound

      I only caught the tail end of the Kenny Bruce reign but he seemed pretty decent.

      1. JVSOZ

        Hi Londonbound,

        I hope you come back and see this message…

        Frankly speaking, the fact the Kenny is gone should tell you a lot about his leadership style and perhaps even what his goals really were.

  6. brokerofexcellence

    Meh, restructure’s at corporates happen in all industries, but are particularly prevalent in agency. CWD, Connells and spicerhaart have all done much bigger restructures than this. This isn’t the beginning of the end for PB.

  7. Puddleofshit

    I haven’t been happier in a while. Best news of 2020. Rather than removing the cancer, they’ve simply spread it around even further. Good Territory Owners essentially do the job of a Regional Director unpaid. Unbelievably they have got rid of some excellent TOs in order to facilitate these now unemployed bums. Useless RDs with their pointless emails and Facebook posts are now doing the same job but are now not being paid because they are TOs. The only way Vic will get PB to 10% is if Coronavirus wipes out the rest of the industry.

  8. Unbelievable Jeff

    Clearly a strategy in full flow with more to come no doubt (be worried TOs),

    or do they have plan to really take 10% market share.


  9. smile please

    Sounds like a cost cutting exercise.


    The well has run dry!

  10. Woodentop

    Regional Directors to go or put another way … can’t afford them and they were never necessary. Once you start to cull senior management …. you are penny pinching on business viability. Soon Bricks will have nothing left to cull, LPE that are left will find the strain even harder from above. Next we will hear they have appointed a mental health consultant.  
    All this is not going to change the general publics mind to achieve 10%.
    Did anyone see the PB advert on Team GB last night with the two girls on the bikes, peddling liker mad but not getting very far! Didn’t it say PB were Teams GB’s estate agents? Didn’t know Team GB needed to sell any properties.

    1. PeeBee

      “Next we will hear they have appointed a mental health consultant.”

      Some may think that one should have been appointed waaaaaayyyyyy before now, Woodentop…

  11. GPL

    Next Memo reads…..


    Hi All,


    The DSD’s have been issued with BGS which they will use to help your performance.

    BGS have proved very effective although you may find it difficult to sit down.

    BGS is nothing to worry about. You’ll see Jockey’s using them effectively at Aintree & Cheltenham to improve their horse’s performance.

    Saddle Up & Tally Ho.


  12. htsnom79

    To The tune of   ‘ I had a little turtle ‘


    I had a little purple

    Performance rather grim

    Its time for a staff scrub

    The new boss has a whim


    Regional to slaughter

    Hang them by a rope

    And now its in his head

    New investors need a soak

    Bubble Bubble Bubble


  13. Ohmygod

    Mmmm. I wonder my posts keep getting removed.

  14. Londonbound

    What can’t you have a disclaimer for this section Ros?

    Airing ones views on this company or any company doesn’t need to be moderated.

    Does it?


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