EYE NEWSFLASH: Jupix platform down

The ZPG owned cloud-based property software for sales, lettings, property management, website and client accounts has been out of action for most of the morning.

A number of agents have got in touch with EYE to express their displeasure that they are currently unable to access their Jupix CRM.

A message to users was posted earlier today:

EYE contacted Jupix’s owner.

A Zoopla spokesperson said: “We’re aware that Jupix customers are currently experiencing an error accessing their software and appreciate the inconvenience this has caused. This is due to an issue with our hosting provider and we’re working with them to resolve this as soon as we can as a matter of priority.”


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  1. grantlance

    Jupix is geting increasingly unreliable, however it is no surprise when by their own admission they are investing a large amount of their time & resources into developing and onboarding clients to Alto. Shame they forgot to mention that to us less than 2 years ago when we moved all of our offices across to Jupix. Their lack of communication about these system outages exasperates the issue further.

  2. biffabear

    They have been trying to get us to upgrade to Alto.

    Alto seems a little better, but not much.  It is double the price and we have to go through a hell of a lot of palaver for months.  The upgrade should at least be free.

    Bad service as always from ZPG.

    We use to be be with Core Sytems back in the day and the service was excellent. Its continued downhill since they sold to ZPG.

    So far half a day lost with no CRM and access to appts.

    1. A W

      Its not, Jupix is actually better than Alto. Alto just looks prettier.

  3. PeeBee

    The solution?  Simples…

    …ViziCards.  Barring a fire, they were infallible.

  4. htsnom79

    There is a special place in hell for the designers of Alto, EstateCraft which preceded it was far more intuitive, searchable notes and the ability to book block viewings rather than one at a time would be a start.

    And dont get me started on ” create a group for this, create a group for that ” dont forget to keep manually refreshing the diary or appointments don’t appear, try copy pasting from word into its word processor and the formatting is all over the place and genuinely tricky to resolve you might as well type it all out even if you’re a hunt and peck typist, searches for names or properties are genuinely confusing and there is no order if you click the archive, its horrible and I’m only stopping now because the phones going……..

    1. biffabear

      Hahaha.  They make it so difficult to chop and change though.

    2. A W

      Honestly I’d just be happy if you could copy and paste the damned property address…

      1. tristan

        This this this


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