EYE NEWSFLASH: James Evans buys back Douglas & Gordon from administrators

It has been confirmed within the past few minutes that James Evans, the CEO of Douglas and Gordon, has today acquired certain business and assets of Douglas and Gordon Ltd from its administrators.

He says that this transaction will ‘allow for the continuity of elements of the Douglas and Gordon business with as minimal disruption as is possible in such circumstances’.

EYE broke the news last week that Douglas & Gordon had gone into administration, with Grant Thornton appointed as administrators.

Rumours were circulating this week that Evans will look to buy the estate agency back, after we revealed that he set-up a new company.

Evans, who previously worked for Foxtons, has set-up a new company called Brewham Holding Limited, registered to his home, near Bruton in Somerset, which he bought two years ago.

The new company was only incorporated on 14 February, which indicates that he was planning ahead before Douglas & Gordon was put into administration.

James Evans

It is less than a year since Foxtons sold off the business to Evans for a ‘nominal consideration’ having previously purchased Douglas & Gordon for £15.5m.

Evans commented: “Our industry experienced a difficult trading year in 2022 and, following a buyout from our previous owners in February last year, the management team took the decision in February this year to embark on an extensive restructuring process to enhance our prospects for the future.

“The new business emerging from this process will still be known as Douglas and Gordon and will be much the same company with the same core values: offering unparalleled expert advice and service, going further for its customers, and caring for the results they achieve.  We have also always sought to be the trailblazers in our industry and that will continue. It’s part of our DNA.

“The industry is constantly evolving, and our new business model will be based on employing the best people, frictionless, cutting edge technology and a trusted and respected brand. We are all extremely excited about the future.”


EYE NEWSFLASH! Douglas & Gordon believed to have gone into Administration




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  1. Chris Watkin

    I hope all the D&G colleagues keep their jobs and this important EA brand goes from strength to strength

  2. jeremy1960

    Why is this still allowed? What about the debts, staff wages, tax man? Shouldn’t be allowed to run a business until everyone is paid off!

    1. singingagent

      I cannot understand how anyone can buy a company for a “nominal sum” then go bust within 12 months, in reasonable trading conditions, then buy it back off the administrators for no doubt a “nominal sum”.  I thought a company director who went bust could not be a director for 5 years.

  3. londoneye

    I wonder if the staff, the landlords of the shops (they occupied), the creditors of Douglas & Gordon Limited, and their existing vendors and landlords will all share the sentiment of Douglas & Gordon still being a trusted and respected brand.

    The parallels between the sale of D&G and BHS are not lost on many of us; we all know how that ended!

    An estate agent’s business is built mainly on trust; how this will play out with potential vendors and landlords in the future will be interesting.

  4. Warlocks66

    It will be very interesting to see in the Administrators report how much cash he extracted from the business since he bought it last year. It will also be interesting to see how much of the branch overheads he has shed by walking away from some of the shops and leaving Landlords out of pocket? And then there are the employees, how many has he cheaply dumped in doing this?

    Looks like a canny move by Evans who effectively sat alone on the D&G board and given the establishment of his new company on 14 February, was planned in advance.

    One wonders what creditors will think of this move and how much trust has evaporated in the process.

  5. StephenH

    Will we see more businesses Phoenixed out of administration as we saw in the noughties? Whilst happy for the staff, my sympathies lie with their various suppliers and creditors – many of which will be common victims of such maneovering.

  6. mywayorthehiway

    You cannot be a director of a company, phoenix the company as a director of a new company, and retain the same trading name. That is a serious breach of company law.

    “Under Section 216 of the Insolvency Act, 1986, you cannot use the same or a similar name as the company that’s been liquidated.”

  7. whatdoiknow58

    Exactly the same happened in the North East a while back. Firm went bust with former owners wife named as the new owner and MD. Former owner (her husband) named as Chairman but NOT a Director! I just can’t believe the numerous trades people plus companies no doubt owed thousands just turn a blind eye unless an ‘ under the counter ‘ payback deal has been agreed? If I was a creditor I certainly wouldn’t shake their hand in the street. No doubt someone will remember the firm involved as their name escapes me.  About time this loophole was closed as the biggest creditor is usually HMRC and that includes us all of course but I guess no one ever sees it that way so good luck to them. NOT.

  8. FutureWarrior

    So all the mass panic the poor work force have gone through to secure new roles ………

    now what? Re offering the existing team or recruiting new teams?

  9. Howard Star

    all sounds a bit fishy to me!!

  10. Jackie Roberts

    Will be interesting to see how they fair after this. I would imagine the legacy goodwill towards the brand has been greatly diminished by this episode.

    James Evans will have his work cut out to persuade people to trust him again..

    1. Jackie Roberts



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