EYE NEWSFLASH! Gascoigne Halman given leave to appeal in OnTheMarket case

Connells brand Gascoigne Halman has won the right to appeal in the OnTheMarket case.

The appeal follows the hearing in February at the Competition Appeal Tribunal, which subsequently upheld OnTheMarket’s ‘one other portal’ rule.

Gascoigne Halman has continued to list its properties at OnTheMarket.

Today’s written judgement was made by Lord Justice Kitchin in the Court of Appeal’s civil division.

He said that he had been “persuaded that the grounds of appeal as developed in the appellant’s skeleton argument are properly argued and merit consideration by this court”.

He said that the hearing will decide whether it is “appropriate to receive the fresh evidence”.

OnTheMarket – which has been finalising plans to float on the stock market – said it would not be commenting.

Connells also said it would not be commenting.




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  1. smile please

    Let’s hope OTM lose and lose big.

    1. J1

      Couldn’t agree more.  Lets also hope that another round of legal costs gobbles up OTM’s money and well and truly derails the float.

      It is what the founders deserve after failing royally to deliver on their original pledge to the agents who we let down so badly by this anonymous failure of a portal.

      Merry Christmas OTM and all those that sail in her; I fear you may need your lifeboats.

  2. Ric

    and they will smile please…

    unfortunately the IPO situation would have taken quite some planning and I am sure during the time they were telling Gascoigne Halman they could not do the thing which will actually be allowed once our next big plan is put to the vote.

    I think the Court may say, AM you could have avoided this by coming clean. The win was a good win, but the IPO idea and announcement was actually (as I said the moment they announced it), the get out of jail card for Connells and Gascoignes.

    it is what it is and nearly Christmas…. have a good one everyone 😉


  3. GilesH

    Wow…OTM end up paying all the costs? If they have any investors for this “float”…they don’t now…I would run a mile. Please let us go into 2018 leaving this sorry saga in 2017.

  4. AnotherPlanet365

    As a Gold Member, locked into this fiasco by Arthur Springett & Co, I take some satisfaction in this re-examination including the “fresh evidence” as this court case was another blundering OTM mess!

    However, knowing that Arthur & Co won’t be carrying any of the defence costs, as I and the other handcuffed & freewill members will be carrying those again! it’s time that heads started rolling over this whole fiasco that plays out before us

    Smug Springett & Co may be untouchable in one sense however their ability to run this Tea Shop that I and others are paying for is severely in doubt. Kiss Goodbye to an IPO for now as who would want to get involved in this debacle

    OTM should have let Leavers leave when they moved the Goalposts however they chose to keep sh*tting on Leavers and now the GasHal Chicken is roosting on their boardroom table!

    Merry Christmas Ian, have a ****-tastic New Year! just let myself & the others know how much of our money you are going to burn through defending this fiasco. You are the Gift that just keeps on Giving! at everyone else’s expense!

    1. jboyslick47

      Ditto…. someone needs to find a way that we can leave this portal… feeling completely un associated and let down by them if I’m honest

  5. GPL

    Ladies & Gentlemen, please be upstanding and raise your glasses to toast this year’s Christmas Turkey….

    I give you Ian Springett!

    …..and we’ll be paying for this Turkey well into next year!

    As noted, Mr Untouchable won’t feel a thing as the only penny he will be spending is the one he is aiming high up the wall with our money!

    Merry Christmas indeed…..



  6. Thomas Flowers

    Happy Christmas Ian!

    Well played Alex.




  7. cyberduck46

    Oh dear. Didn’t even know there had been an application to appeal but always thought the original decision was questionable.


    IPO well and truly derailed. IMHO.

    1. AgentV

      Come to gloat have we?

      what goes around comes around !!!

      BSOS23PC 😉

      1. cyberduck46

        >Come to gloat have we?


        Not at all. I was under the impression that most Agents who post on here were against the float.




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