EYE NEWSFLASH: easyProperty owner Evolve Partnership Ltd goes into voluntary liquidation

Evolve Partnership Ltd, which owns the easyProperty brand and the platform easyProperty.com, has been placed in creditors voluntary liquidation.

Evolve acquired easyProperty from the eProp Services Group three years ago.

Established in 2007, Evolve has long provided a wide range of services to the property industry, which are also available to the current easyProperty licensees and their clients. This includes photography products, floor plans, viewings, EPCs, inventories, check ins & check outs and Home Reports.

Evolve’s strategy for easyProperty was very much centred around the existing licensees and focusing on one region at a time to organically grow the business where easyProperty already has a presence.

easyProperty relaunched at the end of 2019 as a hybrid brand focused on local marketing, and sold licenses to agents that cover an area of around 25,000 homes.

Licence holders, which are expected to use their own reputations in their area to build the brand in their own territory, have access to a CRM system and the central website, marketing support and a call centre to handle calls.


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  1. jeremy1960

    Thought they had disappeared ages ago so comes as no surprise, just had a quick look at their website, hardly surprising really with less than 50 properties across the country, was inevitable! The press release says Easy property will continue to trade, why? surely nobody would consider buying it, time it was put down and out of it’s misery!

    Another “disruptor” bites the dust, is there a book open as which will be next to go?

    1. NHGURU


  2. digitalfix

    The slowest, most inevitable car crash, ever.

  3. Mike Bidwell

    Natural sympathy for those innocent individuals affected but no surprise and good riddance to another example of a horrible business ‘model’ that fails because it’s bad for the customer. Hopefully Strike and PB will quickly follow – surely it cannot be long with such inept management at the helm.  A very dark shadow has been cast on the various names that have been associated with these businesses – selfish best interests placed above the carnage they created for their naive and unsuspecting clients and employees and that should never be forgotten. Cast your mind back to the hideous self promotion that took place at the various launches. The quotes and the videos – cringeworthy and laughable now – all saved for replay and future amusement!

  4. HonestJohn

    I think some of you have missed the point here. Easyproperty hasn’t gone into liquidation, they haven’t ceased to be, it’s the company who holds the licence (Evolve) who have.

    Aside from holding the Easyproperty licence, Evolve provided estate agency services such as photography, floor plans, Epcs and check ins/outs to many high street agents.

    This news is clearly difficult for all involved including David Brierley who owns Evolve and who happens to be an industry veteran and an a very genuine person.

    I hope that everyone affected comes out relatively unscathed.


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