EYE NEWSFLASH – Christopher Hamer resigns as Propertymark Executive Chairman

The Executive Chairman of Propertymark, and former Ombudsman, Christopher Hamer has resigned.

The shock news comes just a few weeks after the sudden departure from ARLA Propertymark of its popular CEO, David Cox, and a few months ahead of the retirement of NAEA CEO, Mark Hayward.

A spokesperson for Propertymark said:

“We can confirm that Christopher Hamer has decided to stand down as Executive Chairman of Propertymark once a new Chief Executive has been recruited. The Chair’s role going forward will be non-executive as the new Chief Executive will take on the day to day responsibilities of running the business. 

Christopher has been in the role for 4 years and in that time has overseen the move towards creating a single Propertymark organisation. The Board would like to thank Christopher for his significant contribution to the organisation and wish him well for the future.” 

Hamer was appointed to the role of Executive Chairman of Propertymark in 2016.

Since then there have have been prolonged rumblings of disquiet in the organisation with a number of high-profile departures from the staff and several resignations at board level.

There has been speculation that the governance of the organisation has not been as transparent as some would like and the circumstances that led to the departure of David Cox – he was snubbed by a Board that had no ARLA members present at a vital decision-making meeting – caused widespread consternation and disbelief.

The loss in such a short period of time of two of its most senior executives – with a third to depart at the end of this year –  must be seen as a very serious blow to the the Propertymark organisation which represents some 17,500 members across several constituent bodies of which ARLA and NAEA are the largest.

It begs the question of who will lead it.

There are plenty of people who think that David Cox would be an ideal choice.

Interesting times at Propertymark

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  1. debbiedoesalot

    David Cox would be the sensible option, so it won’t happen. I’d like to know who is banging the drum in this organisation, and what are they upto?

    1. NewsBoy

      Absolutely not.

      The board would be very well advised to go nowhere near Mr Cox. He was a toxic influence and Propertymark is well rid of him.

  2. AgencyInsider

    They lost their way years ago. Get it back to being a properly democratic and accountable member representing body.

  3. Richard Copus

    A sad day.  Chris Hamer was an excellent Property Ombudsman and put much good work into Propertymark.  There’s a lot of clearing out going on at the moment led from the top with no input encouraged from membership.  Propertymark is still a members’ organisation and if the hierachy ignore that for much longer it will collapse around their heels.

    1. Robert_May

      Propertymark stopped being a members trade association a few years back when the College of Fellows were so disrespectfully treated by the executive board at the AGM.

      I resigned my Fellowship of NAEA because of the personal attack I witnessed at the event where one of the executive board disparaged one of the members to another in an angry and animated display of utter contempt.

      It isn’t possible to  have so little regard and respect for the members one minute and when the wheels come off the strategy try to revert to how things were.

      Propertymark have lost the support of the people who made it what it was.




      “THAT! Robert May!!!!”

  4. AlwaysAnAgent

    Why is anyone surprised? I’m baffled. Government said a year ago, via RoPA, there is going to be a new regulator and it won’t be ARLA or any other existing trade body.

    CEO has left and now Hamer and so will anyone else who doesn’t want to be near the helm when Government appoints a new regulator which is guaranteed not to be ARLA.

    As for the new President, really?? It’s similar to a cult. A conveyor belt of “followers” spits someone out each year who calls themselves The President, and who says and does whatever they’re told by ARLA. It’s a shame as they all appear to have a mind of their own until they open their mouths. It’s embarrassing.


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