EYE NEWSFLASH: Angela Rayner appointed deputy prime minister with responsibility for housing

Angela Raynor

The newly appointed deputy prime minister Angela Rayner has also become the new levelling up secretary in what is Sir Kier Starmer’s first cabinet appointment since becoming prime minster earlier today.

Rayner was promoted to shadow levelling up, housing and communities secretary, replacing Lisa Nandy, in September last year.

It followed calls from some Labour MPs to give Rayner “a proper job to get her teeth into” rather than her previous roles as shadow secretary of state for the future of work and chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

She has spent the past 10 months overseeing a  major departmental brief opposite Michael Gove. But now she replaces him following Labour’s landslide general election victory.

A full cabinet is in the process of being appointed.


Labour landslide – industry reaction



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  1. AcornsRNuts

    We are doomed.

    1. Gonzo38


      1. AcornsRNuts

        If you have to ask the question, you would not understand the answer.

  2. sanjeevghai@icloud.com


    “Another inexperienced individual stepping in to disrupt the housing industry.

  3. Hendrix

    Yep – doomed.,Once she has her feet under the table ….. rent controls, poor tenants this poor tenants that, Landlords – how dare you provide a service & take risks with finances etc etc.

    So on a positive note let’s see how the girl performs getting planning speedily through, new homes etc etc .

    1. HProp


    2. Gonzo38

      Oh dear…

  4. propportunities

    Lets look at the positives…. she is of course something of an expert on Property CGT!

    1. AcornsRNuts


  5. SimonLBradbury

    I didn’t vote Labour but I think we need to keep an open mind about this appointment.
    Give this government and Angela Rayner a chance and judge both them and her on what they actually do, not what you expect them to do.

  6. Gonzo38

    When was the last time that we had such a senior member of the cabinet take charge of housing?

    This feels different

  7. Robert_May

    Tom Treadwell at DLHUC has put a lot of work into Mr Gove’s project to improve the house buying and selling process, new minsters will take a strong lead from the civil servants with the domain knowledge of what they’ve been working on.
    It would be daft to throw away all of the learning and experience especially as it was just beginning to get somewhere.

    I suspect the £3million will be victim of the change of government but that cash would have eased the challenges of innovation rather than being an absolute necessity- the people innovating are ploughing their own furrow and will deliver innovation irrespective of who the minister is.

    For what its worth a plain speaker with experience of the challenges of normal life is preferable to the landed, faux elite who are that bit detached from what ordinary people have to cope with

  8. Shaun Adams

    I expect more laws to help tenants, meaning more landlords will sell. The laws of supply and demand.


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