Ex-Knight Frank man launches online agency with partner

Patrick Paton

Patrick Paton, who previously held senior roles with Knight Frank and Smiths Gore before becoming a partner at Rettie Berwick, has joined forces with his wife, property marketing specialist Celia Paton, to set-up a new online estate agency.

Celia Paton previously headed up the marketing team at estate agent McEwan Fraser Legal.

She also launched a concierge company and a holiday home management firm.

Paton & Co will primarily cover the housing market in the Scottish Borders.

Patrick Paton told the press: “Instead of a shop window, we will provide enhanced online marketing, which makes perfect sense when 95% of home buyers start their house search online.

“A year ago, we might have been looking for office premises, but recent events have highlighted the possibilities of working from home and using technology more effectively to allow a better work-life balance.

“With two young sons, we know how important that is, which is why we understand clients who are searching for a particular lifestyle as much as a new house.”


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  1. AlwaysAnAgent

    Another lifestyle business where clients are serviced in between the needs of home and family life.

    1. James Christchurch

      And whats wrong with that AlwaysAnAgent?

  2. itsgreatupnorth

    Of course they’ll do well. It’s been proven for decades that it’s not genius just the courage to take the plunge that counts. He could ditch the tweeds a bit tho, it’s a tad passe for the hero-dad look !

  3. JonnyBanana43

    Which KF office did this chap work for? Edinburgh or Newcastle? York closed years ago, so maybe Harrogate?

  4. Ric

    What will the “enhanced online marketing” be?


    I can only assume they mean pay to duplicate the property listing on as many property portals as they can sign up for.

    1. smile please

      Oh come on Ric,

      Sure they will also put a fiver on a boasted Facebook post 😉


      1. Ric

        Yup, that £5 spend to get a load of local (and not so local) bizzy bodies saying how over priced the house is, and then you spend hours hoping your clients don’t see the comments. haha. 
        Seriously, FB just attracts the House Price Crash nut brigade… although we do it, we do it with caution. 

        1. jan - byers

          Do you read houseprice crash

          A fantastic site full of angry people

        2. smile please

          Top tip, if a troll makes a comment you dont like, dont delete it just click hide then they think its still there.

          1. jan - byers

            I just ignore  it


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