Estate agent raises £50k for the worst-off people in the world

Most agents promote local causes.

But here is one that has taken a truly global approach – supporting a cause that is unlikely to help bring in business or generate leads.

London agent Victorstone has raised over £50,000 for a charity that helps the most persecuted and impoverished people across the world.

Furthermore, the charity it promotes has paid public tribute on social media to Victorstone’s quiet efforts.

RestlessBeings said that without Victorstone’s support, it would not have been able to run its Bangladesh Street Children project, which has so far provided support, education and counselling for over 500 children who are vulnerable to trafficking and prostitution.

London-based RestlessBeings has paid public tribute to Victorstone, thanking the agent for allowing the charity to use one of its offices for meetings, and also for sponsoring fundraising events, and sharing business contacts and acumen.

RestlessBeings describes itself as a gathering of restless individuals who are passionate about human rights.

The organisation works with what it says are the most marginalised communities across the world – underdogs whose plights are often brushed under the carpet by mainstream media.

Victorstone, run by managing director Fokrul Islam, is a member of the Relocation Agent Network and has three offices.

We salute its humanitarian efforts, which don’t seem to have much to do with making money, although much to do with raising it.


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