Estate agent fighting development says loyalty to community comes before business

An estate agent in the forefront of local opposition to prevent a new housing estate says he is putting his community first.

A Casa Estate Agents, in Rochford, Essex, has bought 200 large signs opposing the 660-home development – which the boss admits would bring him valuable new business.

All but 80 of the prominent signs ordered from an estate agency supplier have so far been delivered and erected.

The signs carry the agent’s name, but the branding is subsidiary to the message: “Rochford says No!! to more houses. Enough is Enough”.

Estate agency signs are usually the subject of planning laws and restrictions, and council officers have been known to take a dim view of estate agency boards for example promoting school fetes.

It is also unusual for estate agents to come out fighting against the prospect of new business on their patch.

Hugo Rodrigues, 35, owner of A Casa, told EYE: “The signs are clearly not advertising properties for sale or to let. However, I have been half waiting for the council to get on its high horse to tell me to take down the signs.

“If they do I will simply cover up our name.

“People are surprised that an estate agent should be doing this and 660 new homes would certainly mean more business for us.

“But the community comes first. I have no other motive. The planned development is completely wrong for this small town.

“I live here and work here and want what’s best for the community and the residents.

Melanie English, organiser of the campaign, expressed delight at the firm’s support.

She said: “It’s ironic that an estate agent is opposing houses being built.

“They came forward and wanted to put the signs up.”

The fight against the new homes is based on traffic and environmental objections. A local petition against the development has so far raised 1,500 signatures.

Rochford Council describes the town as having its own charm, and being richly steeped in history.

The local newspaper story of the agent’s support for the campaign has raised some interesting – and hostile – comments.

One says “Tear down that illegal sign and let’s get those homes built, young families have a right to a home”.

Another poster agrees with that comment, saying: “It’s just another greedy estate agent concerned it will impact upon his business with more competition.

“Or it could be that he’s not involved or hasn’t a deal to act as the selling agent.”

A third says: “The estate agent thinks he is clever by getting his name all over the area . . . wonder why he didn’t just have 200 boards made without his estate agency on it.”

Yet another says: “Of course he doesn’t want them being built, lack of housing means he can continue to sell what housing there is, at artificially inflated prices.”

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  1. Tarkers71

    Sounds like the agent hasn’t sussed the mood of the community he serves as much like BREXIT opinions will always be massively divided.

    Naive move in my opinion as there is so much pressure on the government to deliver the housing targets and unfortunately whether we like it or not, edge of settlement and the green belt will be the places to deliver those numbers as its not fair that just one of two big towns or cities take the brunt of it.


  2. International

    I understand what you are saying Tarkers71,  but I suspect this will work wonders for Hugo’s Instructions in the long term. He sounds like a community man and that will always be good for his business. However he Cannot expect to be instructed on the new home resales !

  3. NotAdoctor32

    Everybody desperate for more properties but nobody wants them on their doorstep. Selfish Britain.
    It is exactly the same where I live (apart from the agents aren’t jumping on the back of it)

  4. Blue

    Heads you win… tails you don”t lose.

  5. GPL

    Well, at least he came off the fence and took a side. He should know his business area and his community.


    I struggle with let’s just protest “because it’s our right!” …….better to have taken a real decision and chosen a side.

    The Local Council, the thought of all that Council Tax Revenue? ….that they will receive if they vote it through?


    The cynic says – self-promotion, the believer says – he’s doing it for reasons he believes in. The Council? – they care little what anyone thinks, in my experience!



  6. Snyper

    Planning gets opposed, turned down, reapply, approved. We’ve all seen it happen time and time again… if at first you don’t succeed reapply and you will.

    Short-sighted from the agent – no chance of the second hand resale or assisted move instructions from the development and I doubt they’ll take too kindly to people selling with his agency that then look to buy there!

  7. James Wilson

    Agent estate is a NIMBY. What a surprise!   Not.  Of course he is. Agents are basically in league with the property haves determined to defend their exclusive right to home ownership.


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