Estate agent chucks in job to stand as candidate in housing minister’s constituency

An estate agent has left his job to stand as a candidate in the constituency where housing minister Gavin Barwell is up for re-election.

Don Locke, 26, will campaign on housing issues.

He handed in his notice from his job, apparently at Northwood, in Dulwich, London, and lodged his £500 deposit in order to run as an independent in Croydon Central where he lives.

Locke, who has long wanted to run for Parliament, told his local paper that he could have waited until 2020 for the opportunity, but felt he did not want to wait that long.

He told the paper that as an estate agent he “was fleecing people”.

He said: “I liked what I was doing and I was essentially helping people spend more money on housing that they didn’t have – that’s what I was employed for.

“Something had to give. I thought ‘you know what, it’s only going to cost me £500 to get on to the hustings’.

“I am not going to win, obviously I’m not going to win, that’s not my aim.

“£500 is a worthwhile sacrifice if I can help the people around me and the people of Croydon. People are suffering – it is one of the most under-privileged boroughs in the area.”


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  1. seenitall

    and he thinks being an MP will make him more popular? !!!


    MP’s -I cant think of a group of people more loathsome and twofaced.

  2. JSSoxted58

    Good for you – trying to make a difference, about time somebody did – I was thinking of doing the same thing to be honest!

  3. aSalesAgent

    What’s Don going to do after he loses? Go back to “fleecing people”?

    Good luck.

  4. NSK

    MPs are some of the corrupt people around.

    The question i have to ask is, having admitted to fleecing people how many people will vote for him. In the unlikely event of getting  elected will he be fleecing us at a bigger scale?

    Politicians are people who use others to get get what they want. They are not there to serve the public but to satisfy their egos and line their pockets!

  5. Property Personnel

    Taken from the article: “If people had more money they could take their children out to nice places.”

    Well, I grew up in the 60s when housing was as cheap as chips (in comparison to now), but we never got taken anywhere!

  6. PeeBee

    Strikes me that the property industry has suddenly become a slightly better place…


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