Estate agent brothers to host monthly networking dinner for independent agency owners

Matt and Neil Baldock who own and operate Essex-based estate agency Charles David Casson are hosting a monthly dinner exclusively for independent estate and letting agency owners starting in January 2023.

The networking opportunity will run monthly, starting 19th January 2023, at the Wellington Hotel in London and will be held on the third Thursday of every month. The pair say that this is not an event but a community.

The agents say the EA Directors club has been born out of an increased demand for collaboration and support within the industry and something which the brothers believe will bring a lot of support and enjoyment to business owners in the sector.

Matt Baldock said “There is no agenda to this event and no sales pitches. We’ve even banned suppliers from attending and made this event exclusively for agency owners to ensure it is a safe environment for business owners to talk openly about their challenges and take some time out of their business to relax with industry colleagues.”

Neil Baldock added: “So much can be achieved when like minded individuals come together and it can be a lonely place being in business and so we wanted to create a community of agents who could come to have a  3 course meal together once a month and just enjoy themselves whilst also talking to people who are experiencing the same challenges.”

The EA Directors club is exclusively for Estate and Letting Agency owners and those wishing to attend can find out more about the event and book their tickets click here.



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  1. Woodentop

    Bravo. So many business used to thrive on local ‘business club lunches’. Do they still exist?

  2. jan-byers

    A load of waffle

    1. Woodentop

      Not so. This was the norm many years ago and it created an environment where business were able to work together and not the current trend of many stab each other in the back and throw mud which is counter productive to well being of staff, a successful business and not forgetting the consumer actually benefits in the end or we can all continue with the ‘conmissary’ go it alone model.


      Working together is far more productive, than poo poo fighting for business you never get! This is not a unique idea, many organisations have come together for decades and it works.


      I doubt they have waffles on the menu of a three course meal.

    2. KByfield04

      Jan is there anything you DO like?

  3. Edcasson

    Looking forward to this event and catching up with colleagues old and new.

  4. KByfield04

    Really looking forward to this, there’s so much we can learn from one another if we are able to drop the ego and be honest.


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