Estate agency introduces unlimited annual leave for staff

Adam Day

eXp UK will be introducing unlimited annual leave for its full-time staff, levelling the playing field of the work life balance for all those working at the company, not just its self-employed member agents.

The current statutory annual leave entitlement is a minimum of 28 days paid leave per a year for those who work a five-day week – the equivalent of 5.6 weeks.

Data shows that the average employee took 33.9 days in 2023, although this figure had reduced from an average of 36.7 days the previous year.

This 33.9 day average does, however, include the nine bank holidays that fell in 2023 and depending on how ruthless your employer is, they can include bank holidays within your 28 statutory annual leave days.

eXp UK says it wants to help estate agents re-address their work-life balance by introducing an uncapped level of annual leave for all full-time employees within the business.

The head of eXp UK, Adam Day, commented: “Our self-employed agents are empowered to be the very best in the business and we allow them to operate on their own terms, with a working arrangement that suits them both personally and professionally.

“This empowerment, freedom and flexibility has cultivated what we consider to be the very best company culture in the UK property market and we felt it was important to extend this ethos to all full-time employees.

“Therefore, we’ve rolled out unlimited annual leave to all eXp UK employees to allow them to better manage their time, whether it be to make the most of maternity leave, to travel the world for that little bit longer, or anything else for that matter.”



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  1. Gangsta Agent

    slow news day?

  2. jan-byers

    xp agents ae on holiday every day they have no instructions lol

    1. MLB

      What a silly comment. Instead of continuously sniping from the sidelines why not join one of the self employed models? You are clearly jealous of them and their flexibility and earning power

      1. jan-byers

        Not at all silly
        My local EXp agent has 2 listings on his site
        I have no interest whatsover in being an estate agent
        I develop and build housing development and earn far more than as was quoted last year as the average agents salary of 25k
        I also buy land – deal with councils, planning, utiitly comanies, etc which is a tad more demanding that putting a photo on rightmove and waiting for an enquiry
        Estate agency is just a low skilled admin job
        That is why the salaries are rubbish – any idiot can do it

        1. AcornsRNuts

          If any idiot can do it, Jan, you are certainly qualified.

          1. jan-byers

            You can make childish insults – well done
            You could never negotiate a land deal
            Deal with LA planners
            Deal with architects
            Deal with utility companies
            Deal with a myriad of contractors
            Deal with marketing companies
            Deal with the legal aspects
            The fact is estate agency is a low skilled job
            No qualifications required other than a cheap suit
            That is why the salaries are rubbish
            Any idiot can load a photo to Rightmove

            1. AcornsRNuts

              You have proved my point.

        2. MLB

          So you based your comment on 1 agent when there are over 500? Very silly. You clearly have no idea what estate agents actually do and while I can’t speak for the corporates my salary puts me in the top 3% of earners in the country. I also deal with property developers, councils, planners and utility companies (and I can spell utility too). Your job sounds way more ‘admin’ than mine

          1. jan-byers

            I have been an estate agent
            I was an area manager and was very successful
            I then set up my own estate agent and sold it for a nice sum which enabled me to set up my own development compamy
            I cannot type fast – big deal
            You have never bought land and developed it
            You could not do so
            You do not have the skills
            You do not have ackue
            That is why you are in a job that requies no qualifications
            My job is not at all admin it is negotiating with people face to face
            Knocking on doors to get land
            It is not sitting back hoping the phone will ring

        3. estateagent

          which is a tad more demanding that putting a photo on rightmove and waiting for an enquiry
          Estate agency is just a low skilled admin job

          Wow I wish that was all we did!

          1. jan-byers

            Not all do
            I deal with some very good agents who I trust
            I have also had the misfortune to deal with some who are ++++

  3. John Murray

    Well done!

    **** need not comment further.

    Blue ****.

    Green ****.

    Great ****!

    1. John Murray

      Fill in the blanks! Birds of British feather.


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