Enough to try the patience of a saint! What are the most irritating questions you’ve been asked?

What are some of the oddest requests you have had as an agent?

Barbara Sellers, a relocation agent with Premier Property Search, seems to deal with some particularly demanding tenants. But maybe she’s not alone.

Here is a (small) selection of her examples.

Call at 11.00 pm at night regarding a serviced apartment.  I cannot make the remote control work on the TV to change the channel.  Please can you send someone to assist?

Yes but there will be a £50 call out charge, or we can visit during the day tomorrow

 Phone call at 10.00 pm – I have put washing up liquid in the dishwasher and now have suds and bubbles all over the kitchen, please send someone out to deal with it as an emergency.

It will have to be cleared up in the morning by cleaners, but if you are extremely concerned we will have someone visit this evening. Best to turn the dishwasher off and do not use until the problem is rectified

From a client in serviced accommodation. I know you have said there will be a weekly cleaning, laundry, bed linen and towel change, but can someone come and empty kitchen rubbish bin daily.

There will be an additional charge for this, so if you are happy to pay the additional cost this can be arranged, although we have shown you where the communal bins are so you may prefer to do this yourself.

 I have forgotten my mobile phone charger and my phone is running low on battery and I am missing my family and want to phone them in India – what can I do?

What make of phone do you have? I am sure we can drop a charger off for you to use.

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  1. Anonymous Coward

    How about “Can you come and let me in to my property? I’ve locked myself out” when they’ve just borrowed the spare set of keys because they’ve locked themselves out.   This has happened to me twice!

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Or “The new vacuum cleaner you bought me doesn’t work” and when you get there you find that the reason it doesn’t work is because it has burned out because they didn’t empty it…

    1. 1stTimeBuyer

      🙂 My gfs cleaner did this to her rather new hoover.  She wasn’t impressed.

  3. Craig Bees

    Or, ” My smoke alarm is beeping and I cannot sleep”. “I am a single mother and don’t know what to do.”

    I can send an electrician around to replace the battery. There will be a £45 call out charge and £1.87 for the battery, how would you like to pay, cash or by card?

    “Don’t bother, I’ll do it myself”

    A nation of lazy renters?

  4. claris

    How about “none of my lights are working, they seem to have stopped working one by one, can someone come and fix the problem”.

    We offered an electrician but suggested they try changing the light bulbs first. Surprisingly we didn’t hear from them again!

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Or “It’s cold – the heating doesn’t work, the boiler’s not coming on” and even though you go through all the steps required to sort it out, when you get there, the solution is step one – check the thermostat on the wall.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Or “The electrics are dodgy, these low voltage spotlights are constantly blowing”. When you ask them if they followed the instructions on the packaging not to actually touch the bulbs because it makes them blow quickly, well I’m sure you can guess the rest…

  7. RealAgent

    Tenant….”Ive just gone to get in the shower and there is no hot water, can you send someone round to fix it or I will be late for work”

    I was so tempted to answer….”this is the Dorchester Hotel, we will send someone up straight away”



    1. 1stTimeBuyer

      Kettle = hotwater. Hot water from kettle with cold water from tap in sink = warm water to wash in. 🙂

  8. AdiT

    How about; Q: Would the vendor accept £3m? A: He’s just declined £3,25m so No. OK, no problem. Please put £3m forward.

  9. urbanite

    The thing that gets me is that there is now a whole generation of adults who are not accutely ashamed of their complete lack of basic life skills.

    1. AgentbytheSea09

      I am in that generation and I am ashamed of them!


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