eMoov extends crowdfunding pitch as founder Quirk says ‘this was never about money’

Online agent eMoov has extended its crowdfunding pitch as investors continued to pile in.

Due to end on the last day of September, the pitch will now not close until October 8.

By yesterday evening it had raised £2,300,860 – way above the original £1m target.

A total of 659 investors had chipped in money representing a 10.8% stake in the company.

A message from eMoov boss Russell Quirk on Crowdcube says: “Our crowdfunding campaign has been a phenomenal success and I am so grateful to the 650+ investors that have committed to supporting our fantastic business.

“Because of the momentum that we have, the Crowdcube directors have encouraged us to extend the pitch date by a week and we are delighted to agree to this. So it will now conclude on 8th October and allow even more to be involved in eMoov’s progress.

“This fundraise was never just about the money but was also about raising our profile and gaining a number of brand advocates and ambassadors and I’d like to maximise that, of course.

“Thanks to all involved and, please, do encourage your networks to invest too.”


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  1. PeeBee

    You couldn’t make it up – could you?

    Oh, wait… someone has.


  2. Typhoon

    I hope those 650 people don’t know where he lives!!!!

  3. GPL

    He lives in LaLa Land next to Dipsy, Po & the others!

  4. fluter

    We do live in a benevolent world dont we?

  5. GPL

    Remind me please, someone?

    On Kickstarter I have backed projects and pledge whatever amount based on what level/item/s I wish to back.

    So, imagine that I, Captain Quirk, am seeking funding for my Space Ray Gun which I have developed and just need final funding to bring to market. So my Backers may have pledged, say 2 Million Pounds as a running total before my funding campaign ends… however some of my backers can simply withdraw their pledge and my total will drop…. the backer that say pledged £250,000 must have the funding to make the pledge however they retain the right to withdraw right up until the final minute?

    Does CrowdThingy and DaftyMoov work the same way or is their 2 Million absolutely locked in now and CANNOT be withdrawn under ANY circumstances by Backers?

    Imagine that Lord Lucan pledged £250,000 to DaftyMoov…. but he chooses to withdraw at last minute altho his large pledge suckered others into pledging!?

    Would be great if someone can clarify this for me and anyone who engages in backing or pledging….. I withdrew from a Kickstarter Campaign when the Campaign Creator changed a significant detail of the planned product which for me undermined the whole idea….. and I was able to do so right up to the finsl second of the deadline…. in this case I had to have the circa £500 to pledge/back and give my Card/Payment Details howevef I wasn’t locked in to pay until after the Campaign Closed.

    1. PeeBee

      I have been reliably informed that there is a 14-day cooling off period, GPL.

      Anyone care to guess, that being the case, how much the actual grand total ‘invested’ come the end of the month amounts to… ?

      I’ll start the sweepstake with ‘less than a million’.

      But that will be okay, I guess – after all – “this was never just about the money”, apparently…

      1. Tristramboris

        Your collective ignorance is astounding. What you are displaying is prima facie evidence of the incumbent’s curse. Look it up, decide it couldn’t possibly apply to estate agency, and watch as your industry gets cannibalised. And in future you’ll look back, proud of your failure to acknowledge a fundamental part of a free market, pat yourself on the back and think “just because firm A got it right, doesn’t mean I was wrong about B, C, D and E”

        Hopefully you’ll all have retired with a healthy pension by then


      2. smile please

        Spot on PeeBee,

        I bet half of that money will not be invested, I guess some of the “Big backers” will have second thoughts or have their investment return straight to them………, maybe they are already backers…………….

        1. Robert May

          you don’t think there is an incredible coincidence between the amount raised and  the size of a loan  requiring a £114,000 interest payment?

          Pure speculation but at 5% interest  you would be hard pressed to see metaphorical daylight between the two figures.


    2. Tristramboris

      Poor Mr Quirk, a business plan written with a fundraise of £1m in mind and now an extra £1.3m in the bank.

      What a terrible problem for him!

      1. PeeBee

        IT IS NOT ‘in the bank’.  Far from it.

        Don’t count his pennies until AFTER the 14 day cool-off period, ‘Tristramboris’ – and then watch and wait to see what he does with them afterward.

  6. GPL

    Obviously Thrumbosis can’t read.

    I look forward to seeing Independently Verified Confirmation of how many actual Fairies invested in VentureQuirk and how much actual Fairy Dust they paid out.

    I trust some of this accumulated Fairy Dust will be assigned to his Funeral Service which he was demonstrating!

    Hail Hail the Investor Fairies!….. 5% of nothing is nothing!

  7. GPL

    5 houses sold today, 4 listed….. Quirky must value my business at what, 2/3 Billion?!


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