easyProperty lists its first sales instruction

Online estate agency easyProperty which launched into sales a week ago has got the Twitterati talking.


Well, despite offering the first 200 instructions fee-free, by yesterday Rightmove was listing just one for sale property on easyProperty.

Looking a little lonesome, it’s a £1m two-bedroom flat in London.


On target? Disappointing? Better than expected given that it’s the middle of August and these are early days?

The firm, which has sales packages ranging from £475 to £1,500, yesterday had 327 rental properties available on Rightmove.

By the way, the Twitterati were yesterday also discussing this property, below, also with two-bedrooms but even pricier.

Well, apparently.

picture of the week.05



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  1. PeeBee


    Awww… bless! ;o)

  2. PeeBee

    Oh, dear – a quick look at the comps on the page speaks volumes for the hope of this one!

    Someone from easyproperty care to comment on where the asking price came from?

  3. Naysayer

    ‘Let’s go with the highest valuation love.’ ‘If they’ve said they’ll get that price they must know what they’re talking about, easyjet are a big name after all.’

  4. Woodentop

    Maybe their “budget” model for business operating is going to haunt them. Cheap but not very good service levels.

  5. Robert May

    What is the running total of investment  in E Prop to market a single property for sale (to earn £1500) and convert  3.27%  expressions of interest or whatever the spin phrase was into a lettings portfolio just a tad larger than the minimal viable level for a 3 staff team?

    The Agent’s in the altogether, but altogether, the altogether
    It’s altogether the very least an agent has ever worn”

    Summon the court physician! Call an intermission!
    His agency is wide open to ridicule and scorn.

  6. PeeBee

    YAAAAY – THEY HAVE TWO!! – http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-35945094.html

    Photos have been excruciatingly ‘pimped’. Hope no-one viewing expects it to look anything like it does on screen.

    Whoever spots the gaffe on pics 8 & 10 gets to hand out the pencils! ;o)


  7. Disillusioned

    His biggest gaffe on pic 10 was letting his neighbour knock together a 5 storey 30,000 sq ft shed at the bottom of his garden!


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