easyProperty introduces No Sale, No Fee payment option as it scraps set prices

Online agent easyProperty has introduced three payment options – upfront fee, split fee, and No Sale, No Fee.

However, there are no clues on the newly launched website as to what any of the prices might be.

The live chat feature was not forthcoming either.

We were told: “Our fees are dependent on the area that your property is based in. It would be best for my colleague who is in the area to come out and have a chat with you to discuss the package options.”

Pressed further, we were told that we needed to be put in touch with the local property professional.

Russell Humphrey, managing director of easyProperty, said: “Each local market is unique and as such, an across-the-board fee structure doesn’t work for everyone.”

Humphrey said: “Before making the changes we worked with our easyProperty National Advisory Council to gain valuable feedback from our current licensees as to what changes they would like us to make to the model.

“The decision to evaluate and add to our fee options was based on two things.

“Firstly, and most importantly, we wanted to provide our customers with more choice.

“And, secondly, we wanted to give our licensees more flexibility in how they operate.”

Humphrey said that regardless of the type of package the customer decides on, all options will include a full estate agency service from advert creation and advertising on Rightmove and Zoopla, to offer negotiation and sales progression.

He added: “Also, a great feature is that every vendor will have their own dashboard to ensure they can check their sale or viewing requests at any point.

“This means that they will be kept in the loop throughout the process and know exactly what’s happening with the sale of their property at any given time.”

In October last year, easyProperty hiked its prices by £100 to an upfront fee of £699. It gave a choice of a split fee, charged at £295 upfront plus £695 on completion.

At that time, there were 4,405 listings on easyProperty’s website. Yesterday, a search of the UK found 1,503.

Separately, another online agent, Griffin Residential, is now offering four payment options – £195 in advance for its ‘DIY package’, or £395 on completion; while for its ‘full property particulars service’, it is now charging £295 in advance, or £495 on completion.

Both the pay on completion options require sellers to use When you Move for conveyancing.

Griffin Residential offers Rightmove and Zoopla listings with all its packages.

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  1. abull2810

    that’ll do it!!!!!!!

    No doubt about it!!!!!



  2. jeremy1960

    Does that make them market disruptors?

    1. The Blame Game

      Not quiet…Market disruptors are not suposed to “shoot themselves”

  3. PropertyMan123

    Unfortunately, whilst that leadership member is there, easyProperty will only continue to drop further and further.

  4. dantheman78

    Now all you need are some customers to try it out on

  5. ArthurHouse02

     “Before making the changes we worked with our easyProperty National Advisory Council to gain valuable feedback from our current licensees as to what changes they would like us to make to the model.

    I think the feedback from most licensees would have been give us our money back and close down please.

    1. J1

      A national advisory council ?
       Is that a few grey men in grey suits at a country club dining out on their members subs and laughing at how they suckered them into it over a brandy and a Cuban?

      1. P-Daddy

        How dare you J1…they would only be seen in orange suits, not grey! 🙂

        1. J1

          That made me laugh out loud

  6. AgencyInsider

    Easy come… easy go. Soon, by the look of it.

  7. Ric

    **** me, some people are paid to come up with this type of stuff.

    Seriously, any big corps wanna give me a million or two, and in return I also promise to give you a ***** business plan which will plummet you into administration.

  8. J1

    Headline :  EasyMove in own Funeral March


  9. jeremy1960

    Office locally closed the doors months ago, don’t think it ever had more than 3 or 4 instructions which wouldn’t have covered the cost of running the branded car! The trouble is that when these insignificant businesses fail the public don’t even notice and fall for the next “King’s new clothes” when it comes along.

  10. Property Pundit

    Come on Purplebricks, when are we going to see your No Sale – No Fee option, you know you want to?

  11. porkpie

    One of the high street agents in our town has an EasyProperty franchise. Not that you’d know as there’s never any new instructions.

    Now they’re offering no sale no fee, aren’t they shooting their high street business in the foot? I mean, I know they were doing that anyway, but this seems ridiculous….

  12. Property Poke In The Eye

    They missed Option 4.  Flight, hotel and car hire

  13. WiltsAgent

    Another slow death for an onliner. And by the looks of the PB article on referral fees they won’t be far behind.

  14. NotAdoctor32

    Maybe they will increase on the 14 instructions nationwide that they put on last week or the week before.  I can’t see it though.

  15. Woodentop

    Always was a broken business model. Never going to be profitable … they never charged enough and went down the cheap fee, buy the vendor route to get into the market, without any real regard of how much it costs to run. Shamefull and as for easyProperty National Advisory Council you are having a laugh.

  16. Ric

    EasyMarketOver = EasyPropertyOver

    Love a tough market!


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