Dragons’ Den star Steven Bartlett and Olympic champion Victoria Pendleton to join eXp UK

Steven Bartlett

eXp UK has announced that Steven Bartlett, entrepreneur and dragon on BBC One’s Dragon’s Den, as well as Olympic cycling champion, Victoria Pendleton, will both feature as headline speakers at its first ever two-day conference in July.

The event, which is to take place on 2 and 3 July 2024 at the Rep in Birmingham, will aim to provide insight and support to its member agents.

Last week, eXp UK announced Lee Woodward as its first headline speaker, bringing decades of estate agency experience to the stage. He is expected to share his own personal techniques for both lead generation and converting potential prospects into instructions.

Head of eXp UK, Adam Day, commented: “We’ve well and truly raised the bar this year, if we don’t mind saying so ourselves. The event itself is already set to be bigger and better than anything we’ve ever hosted but, along with Victoria and Steven, we have some extremely impressive cherries on the cake!

“Both of these speakers will bring their own unique experiences to the table and provide valuable insight into what it really takes to perform at the highest level in both sport and business.

“We’re also looking forward to having many of our very own agents speak about how they’ve set up, built & scaled their businesses with eXp UK, so it’s shaping up to be the event of the year and one that should not be missed if you want to learn how to take your estate agency career or business to the next level and beyond.”


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  1. Bless You

    Iam out .

  2. Mark

    Steven Bartlett built his career on a [word removed as it breached posting rules]. He claimed he built a $600m business. The real story is:

    He got an investor in his marketing agency, Social Chain, and gave away majority shareholding.

    Social Chain was doing ~£10m in revenue, and the investor merged it into his online furniture retailer Lumaland doing ~€90m. They kept the Social Chain name for the group.

    Steven Bartlett left.

    They merged another online retailer into the group and created a combined entity doing 300m revenue and 600m valuation.

    Steven Barlett claims he built $600m revenue business and builds his new career off people not doing background checks.

    The original Social Chain is broken off the group and sold off for £7.7m in 2023. He removes all trace of Social Chain from his website.

    Great speaker choice

    1. MLB

      And yet he has still achieved so much more than you. That must smart…

  3. Gangsta Agent

    i have never heard so much rubbish in my 54 years. Steven Bartlett who loves the sound of his own voice and the picture of his own face, Victoria Pendleton who rode a bike and I read somewhere else (LinkedIn) Lee Westwood, who had the yips, so cant even help me with putting tips, you could not make it up…………………………………………………….or could you 🙂

    1. Scottgunn

      Attention to detail isn’t your thing is it?

      1. Gangsta Agent

        here we go again, the ExP hard noses are out in force again, if you need people who lets face it don’t know a mortgage lead from a viewing telling you how to better your performance, well………………………………………………………

        1. Scottgunn

          It’s Lee Woodward not Lee Westwood (you’ve made yourself look very very silly).

          1. Gangsta Agent

            ha ha ha who the absolute f**k is Lee Woodward, can he help me with my putting (note to self, I really must concentrate more when reading a load of old *****)

            1. Scottgunn

              Some interesting thoughts about this on my LI you should checkout, someone has even had a guess who you are… all in good fun

    2. NotAdoctor32

      Why have a go at Pendleton because she rode a bike. Have you any idea what you have to go through to win multiple Olympic medals in track cycling? It is absolutely brutal, laser focus, dedication, push yourself to the limits of what is humanly possible for 4 years to race for a couple of minutes.

      I’ve nothing to do with EXP btw, I just find your comment about Victoria Pendleton ridiculous and uneducated.

  4. Ash2108

    eXp is just a bunch of failed agents spouting “inspirational” nonsense on their LinkedIns to each other.

    Steven Bartlett is absolutely perfect for them. To be a fly on the wall at that… conference

    1. John Murray

      ‘A bunch of failed estate agents’?

      Why not join us next Friday for our normal Friday online meeting in our virtual world and you will be able to factually see what the 550 or so agents are actually doing, to give you perspective and information you can then report back on?

      Of course, I will have to send you a login link and you will have to identify yourself and then the ‘keyboard warrior’ will then be exposed.

      But happy to extend a warm welcome and invitation to you or anyone else.

      As to slagging people like Steven off, why not post your real name and company on here so he can address you directly?

    2. MarkBuchanan

      ‘A bunch of failed estate agents’ is the most ridiculous comment that I’ve ever seen.

      Inspirational quotes don’t pay the bills. Selling 158 properties last year does!! If we were all failed estate agents then we’d soon be out of work.

      I get that people attack others when they feel threatened. What frustrates me is seeing people being so closed minded that they miss opportunities that could transform their lives.

      1. John Murray

        I know how many lives you have transformed Mark. I also know how much money you have made for you, your family, and network, because eXp is transparent.

        You are one of the top 3 year on year agents in eXp – worldwide – and this Ash muppet talks about failed estate agents.

        Ok, I know you are #1 but that is bragging

        Frankly, £&@£ him


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