Doing it for Dom: And tomorrow we’re going to climb a mountain

It’s somehow fitting that as the kids return to school ready for their challenges in the year ahead, another willing troupe of excitable boys and girls wearing ill-fitting clothes head off on their own personal challenge.

And now with the appropriate CRB checks in place after a last minute social media check on my Mr Tumble taste in clothes, we’re all ready to attempt to scale Snowdon tomorrow for the Do It for Dom campaign we launched here on EYE back in June:

And to push the school analogy one more excruciating stage, this challenge is very much like my (and indeed I suspect many of the walkers’) strategy for taking our GCSEs – or for some of the legends, O Levels, whatever they are.

Simon Bradbury just said they were harder but he’s always saying that to me so I can’t make head nor tail of him.

Anyway I digress.

Just like revising for GCSEs we’ve had this in the diary now for an eternity and yet here we find ourselves, with one day to go, cramming everything we can in last minute revision. Google searches include:

‘How many steps to the top of Snowdon?’

‘Can you wear leggings climbing Snowdon?’

‘What is Snowdon?’

But regardless of this slightly devil may care attitude, I’m as excited now as I was on the day Article 50 was launched. If only climbing Snowdon were as easy as the simple task of Brexit.

#Snexit has been a logistical nightmare, with over 50 property primadonnas taking part in tomorrow’s climb.

The names have been changed to protect the identities, keen as I am not to have the industry’s first £20m GDPR fine, especially as technically I should be on the dole.

Simon Goodcock: “Will there be anyone to help me into my chair at dinner?”

Miles Tiphide: “No blue M&M’s, no climbee.”

Iain Mookenzie: “Charity or no charity I am not sharing with David Mindley, not if we’ve got sprout crumble for dinner!”

So it’s to the immense credit of the Uber organisers (as in they’re always late), Suzanna and Amy Hansen, that they’ve pulled this all together, with me taking a helicopter view from the bar.

They’ve laboured long into the night to ensure almost all the 50 climbers had everything sorted, so much so that on many nights they’ve both had to forego their fourth bottle of wine.

As the late Roy Castle would have approved: “Dedication, that’s what you need!”

In all seriousness its been an amazing effort not just from them but all of the climbers that you can see on the (still open!!) Just Giving page

I feel very proud that the industry has joined ranks to support one of our very best in Dominic Subbiani.

Thanks to everyone whose donated and please still do if you get the chance: we’re trying to get to six figures, so give what you can.

Huntingdon’s is a horrible disease and it would be great to think we can help beat the bastard as there are real signs of hope in the treatments coming through.

Thanks in particular to the corporate sponsorship from Van Mildert, The Guild, Fine & Country, I Am Sold, the ESTAs and an up and coming company you should keep your eye out for called Reapit. Heard good stuff about them.

I must also say huge thanks to Drivers & Norris who made an amazing contribution just yesterday of £1,000.

#Snexit unanswered questions:

       Who can beat sporting legend Iain Dowie to the summit?

       Who will the climbers eat first if it turns into the scene from Alive?

       Who’ll be the first to describe the top as having outstanding views and being south facing?

If I make it down and don’t do a Captain Oates to go outside for one last Twix, I’ll write a full update, breaking the Hippotamus Oath of ‘What goes on up a mountain, stays up a mountain’.

See you on the other side….

  • EYE wishes all the climbers good luck for tomorrow and would like to thank you for your efforts, kindness, and for showing the industry in its best possible light
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  1. julianodell

    Fantastic effort for a great cause. Dom’s brilliant estate agency FBM were one of our first ever clients 15 years ago and all our dealings with him and his team have been a pleasure. One of the industry’s finest fellows. TM training & development are happy to donate and wish you all a successful climb tomorrow.

  2. AgencyInsider

    Good luck boys and girls. Don’t forget the woad!

    March on Snowdon with your woad on,
    Never mind if you get rained or snowed on
    Never want a button sewed on.
    Go it Ancient Bs!!

    THE NATIONAL ANTHEM OF THE ANCIENT BRITONS by William Hope-Jones (Eton School Housemaster)

  3. Simon Brown at The ESTAS

    As Whaley has been doing most of his altitude training in the Maldives during August I think we’ll have our hands full!

    Looking foward to spending 2 days with the industry’s ‘elite’ and supporting a great cause #Snexit

  4. Whaley

    Just wanted to say thanks as ever. Wonderful bump today from PIE and a flurry of donations has meant we’re now just £40 shy of hitting the £60k

    love you all

  5. Whaley

    Cheers Julian , that means a lot from an industry legend !


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