Does the UK really have the best estate agents in the world?

This week’s Agents MVMT podcast ‘Pass the Syrup’, presented by Ben Madden, features SJ Taylor from Preston Baker, Angi Cooney of C-Residential and Chris Buckler of The Estate Agency

In today’s episode, guests discuss the varying degrees in quality of estate agency across the UK, compared with North America and Australia, as part of a wider conversation about coaching and training.

The group has differing opinions on who agents could and should be listening to in order to learn, with some preferring home-grown talent and hearing from their peers, whilst others lean towards internationally recognised coaches such as Tom Ferry or Josh Phegan for their inspiration.

Guests also talk about the apparent relentless selling and pitching they experience on LinkedIn and just how poor the delivery is, and finally, the R word, which made its first appearance in the media for some time, last week. Does the recession, in its current form and at such a low level, bear worrying about.

As always, funny stories are shared and Chris Watkins make his regular appearance.

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  1. MrManyUnits

    Sorry but no, try USA or Asia, Agents and Conveyances are so steeped in the past.

  2. jan-byers

    EA now are not sales people
    They have an insane amount of admin to do and just load photos onto righmove

  3. EARox23

    The agents who think they are the best in the world are in the UK…..the agents who know they are the best in the world….are not in the UK.


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