Ditching Section 21 will hit benefits tenants most – warning

The Government has been urged to think twice about its proposal to abolish Section 21, because the biggest casualties would be tenants on benefits.

The warning comes from the National Landlords Association.

It found that its members chiefly evict tenants because of rent arrears – the reason given by 57% of landlords.

Some 43% of the total asked, 2,851, said that if the Government presses ahead with its plans to ditch ‘no fault’ Section 21 evictions, they would become more selective when choosing tenants.

Richard Lambert, CEO of the NLA, said: “Rent arrears are the biggest problem that landlords face, and the main reason why they use Section 21 to evict a tenant.

“So if the Government removes what they see as their only safety net – Section 21 – they will have no option but to become more selective.

“That will hit people on Universal Credit, housing benefit and other State benefits which have fallen way behind rents.

“They will become the biggest casualties of this ill-thought-out government policy.”

“It’s surely not right that the most vulnerable in our society should have to struggle to find accommodation because of the Government’s failure to provide landlords with appropriate powers of eviction when faced with rent arrears.”

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  1. David Clark

    Don’t waste your breath or paper NLA, they’ll do it anyway because you have a ‘vested interest’ – rather than knowing what you are talking about. When it all goes wrong it will also not be their fault!

    1. JamesB

      Correct David . nothing that a bit of BBC propaganda or some shelter campaigns can’t sort out to blame the landlords anyway

      supply and demand will shift ever more into landlords hands and more exit and less enter

  2. I want to believe

    The best way to effect change is to be more selective with who you house and leave the high risk tenants to the local authorities to house – simples.

  3. Will2

    The best way to impact is for ALL landlords to issue s21 on all their tenants on the same day.  However, Landlords have a greater sense of duty  and respect for their tenants than any politician so it won’t happen.

    1. Christine

      Will2, so right.  When does anyone ever stick together though.  That is the problem.


  4. minion89

    Thanks for warning us about this important information. It is really useful for me and many others. Thanks for sharing.

  5. James Wilson

    The NLA’s suddenly concern for the welfare of tenants is as welcome as is it is insincere.


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