Countrywide shares finally rise to above the 5p mark

Countrywide shares hit over 5p yesterday – for the first time in weeks.

The last time they were over 5p was on May 28, while in early June they sank to around 3.2p.

They rose over 7% yesterday from 4.7p to finish at 5.05p – still less than half the price they achieved in February.

There have been noticeably heavy volumes of trading in recent days.

The shares have recently been subject to further price monitoring by the London Stock Exchange, on July 5 and again on July 8.

Purplebricks shares were also subject to price monitoring, at around noon yesterday.

The shares dipped around 2% yesterday, to finish at about 106p.


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  1. Ric

    I am pretty certain my last post put CW shares as nothing to get excited about but a dead cert for a return. Not dividend!! just a buy and sell exercise.

    10p plus within 12 months. Never the dizzy heights of yesteryear… but if you have a bit of cash to play with and forget about… I reckon the likes of CW are worth a punt.

    #Woodford #RicsFundAdvice #NoIdea #JustAGuess #WatchingToMuchLoveISland #Hashtag or is it ##

  2. Hillofwad71

    Well  later this month CWD will be giving a trading update ,The market  will then see if the “Baxter Basics” campaign  is bearing fruit .Maybe wise to wait until then whether to take a punt !

    The “value “of CWD is enmneshed in the various brands within the CWD umbrella

    It’s worth taking note from the recent story in EYE about how transitory that value is and how it disappers in a puff of smoke

    A new lettings agency Littlefairs  have started up in York.Doing well by all accounts Set up in direct competiton with Letters of Distinction who were bought by CWD just a few years ago for a hefty sum on borrowed money !


    Littelfairs are in fact the former owners of Letters of Distiction In other words they have walked out of the door taken a big chunk of theri clients  and started up in direct competition having trousered the big cheque just 3years ago


    All that  CWD have been left with is the debt !!!

  3. Commentator91

    Definitely worth a punt with some dosh that you can afford to lose!

    If you’ve got a spare £500 lying around in a savings account earning 0.0001% interest then you might want to give it a go…?!

  4. smile please

    Apparently 30 million profit YTD. Will be an interesting trading report.


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