Conveyancing firm turns to psychologist to help lawyers improve performance

Law firm, Elite Conveyancing, has employed its very own in-house corporate psychologist, Steve Wood, to help keep its lawyers in peak performance and to promote wellbeing throughout the business.

The appointment is thought to be a first for the industry and comes at a time when we are told that mental health remains a real concern for many conveyancing lawyers.

Wood will host individual sessions with each of the firm’s ‘Elite Lawyers’ on a monthly basis to help develop methods for managing stress and staying positive when working in a stressful environment. He will also be involved in the strategic development of the business to help maintain the firm’s focus on delivering service excellence.

Carl Brignell, CEO of Elite, commented: “Our intention has always been to be recognised as being the best firm in the market, not only from the perspective of clients and referrers, but also by our own lawyers. We challenged ourselves with getting the lawyers to actually enjoy conveyancing again and whilst we can’t change the legal process, improve other firms or         take away all anxieties of our clients, we can change our mindset and our approach towards each of these areas.”

Wood, who has previously worked with several major blue chip companies including News Corporation, BAE and Hewlett Packard, said: “Elite Lawyers are high performing individuals working in a stressful environment. Similar to elite sports people, there comes a point when peak performance becomes as much about mentality than it does technical ability.’ Continuing ‘I’m proud to be part of the team and excited about what we can achieve over the coming months and years.”



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  1. RetiredConveyancer

    What a joke. Best way to improve your Conveyancers performance and well being is to save this guy’s salary and use it instead to reduce each Conveyancer’s workload…

    1. Rob Hailstone

      Different world now, probably best off retired.

  2. jan-byers


    use the money to employ another lawyer.  I  am sick and tired o hearing about people’s anxiety, mental health  and work life balance.

    If it is too much leave do something less stressful

    1. Rob Hailstone

      You are sounding a bit stressed Jan, maybe you should, oh, on second thoughts!

  3. LVW4

    Here’s an idea. Rather than employ a psychologist, reward them on customer service. Maybe then they’d get their finger out and work for their clients.

  4. Rob Hailstone

    I find the three comments posted absolutely disgusting. No understanding, no care, no compassion. I was born in the late 50s and also find the current world, shall we say, confusing and frustrating. However, many of the younger people of today are different to us. Whether that is their fault, society’s fault, or our fault, I don’t know.
    I have four kids who are, at least on the surface, fine. But I know people whose kids are not, and one whose child killed themself.
    Modern day conveyancing is very challenging, add to that the pressure from many clients who don’t understand the process, and some (a handful it seems) money grabbing at all costs estate agents, it becomes intense.   As strange as it seems to an old codger like me, I congratulate Elite for trying to look after their colleagues. Would like to hear how the excercise has panned out in a few months time.  

  5. Dan Hamilton-Charlton

    Wow. The vitriol is horrific. A business looking after the welfare of its staff should be praised, not attacked.

    I used to have a lack of understanding about my wife’s day as a teacher. She explained that she cannot decide to take a break, pop and get a hot drink, take a trip to the loo or have a chat with an adult when she feels like it, as she is pretty much always with 20 children. Any breaks are carefully managed and even then she is needing to catchup on planning, marking, emails from parents and so on and so on.
    In my business I am fortunate that when I want to give my eyes a break, refill my water glass, or stretch my legs, within reason, I can.

    This luxury is not afforded to many industries and conveyancing is one of them. IF they dare to take a break you can bet that an agent is on the phone just waiting to take a piece of their day away from them. They are screamed at by agents who invariably wind their clients up to do the same, usually born out of a complete lack of understanding as to what is actually happening and how much is out of their control.

    Yes, I know that there are some fairly shoddy practices that cannot communicate or deliver anything close to decent customer service, but you cannot paint them all with the same brush.

    It’s about time people actually understood what a conveyancers working life really looks like…I would not swap seats with them for all the money in the world… Mind you, I probably would if I was left alone to get the job done and deliver a service to my client rather than having to pacify every nagging estate agent that have emailed and phoned so many times that I can’t see what the hell I am supposed to be focussing on.

    Get a local / regional conveyancer that you know, that you can trust, that you an meet with every so often, and leave them alone.

    For every file that they have open where the sale has fallen through, are they chasing estate agents for viewing feedback, asking why they haven’t put the property back on the portals, asking why the board isn’t up yet, asking whether they have phoned it out to their hot buyers (probably showing my age here)…no, because conveyancers have too much of their own work to do. Give them a break.


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