Coming to a screen near you: Portals set to go head to head in Christmas TV advertising campaigns

Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket are set to go head to head in TV advertising campaigns starting next week.

Rightmove is launching a new ‘Outnumbered’ advert on Christmas Day, while Zoopla is to bring back its crabs on Boxing Day, and OTM starts its advertising campaign on the same day.

OTM is bringing back its advertisement which first aired last September, promoting its new and exclusive feature where properties can be listed 48 hours ahead of other portals.

It will be seen on ITV, Channel 4, and a number of other channels including Sky. In the last six days of December it will be aired almost 1,000 times.

As well as TV, OTM is using radio advertising for the first time, with adverts going out in January and February. There will also be an OTM app download campaign on Facebook.

Rightmove’s new advert shows a family looking for more space, including a dad of twins wanting to escape to a garden shed.

The new advert builds on the “When life moves, make your Rightmove” message of earlier adverts.

As a downsizing possibility EYE still sniffs a bit at the old bloke climbing the stairs while his missus shrieks at him.

We are probably over-identifying!

We’ve needed no hankies in the Zoopla crabs adverts, but Zoopla tells us this will be the biggest portal campaign between then and the end of February.

The campaign was first aired in 2017, and Zoopla said it boosted spontaneous consumer awareness to a record 61% last May.

Zoopla claimed this was eight percentage points above awareness of Rightmove.

Zoopla also said it is spending more than any other portal on advertising.

Its statement said: “Investment in this year’s above-the-line advertising campaign is up 23% annually and Zoopla has invested more than any other property portal in advertising over the past five years as part of its strategy to generate an increasing volume of high quality leads for its agents.”

Its new advert will appear during prime-time programmes across TV, video-on-demand providers, radio and YouTube. Zoopla believes that some 90% of ABC1 adults will see the adverts 12 times.

Chief marketing officer Gary Bramall said: “The investment in, and quality of, our campaign means we are helping support our agents’ businesses via the most-watched channels over the busiest television viewing period of the year.

“Agents listing with us will ride the wave of this success over Christmas and into the New Year, as this highly prominent creative campaign drives consumer traffic to our website and quality leads to our agents.

“When people’s thoughts turn to positive change, which for many will mean a new place to live and a new home, Zoopla and our agents will be front-of-mind.”

Not to be outdone, Rightmove’s head of marketing Iain Kennedy said that its new advert will be widely seen.

He said: “Christmas is one of the many triggers points for people realising they need more space in their home, as it’s often the time when our home is most full.

“More than that, it’s also a time when people start to look to the year ahead, making January one of the busiest months for people searching on Rightmove. We hope this ad resonates with many people over the festive period.”

We haven’t had a preview of the new Zoopla crabs, but agents can have a first look at the new Rightmove TV advert at the link below.




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  1. Only saying but

    …. why do portals need to advertise on the television?

    1. ArthurHouse02

      I guess peer pressure from the other 2 portals forces each of them to do so. Its hard to look at this objectively being in the industry, but who hasn’t heard of RM. But it is probably related to the other article on internet searches, RM need to make sure people are looking there first rather than Z & OTM

  2. GPL



    It’s Rightmove’s Jumbly House Family



    Zoopla’s Crabs?!



    OTM’s Chas n’ Dave!







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