Clock ticks down to blanket licensing scheme as objectors go to court

A decision on whether to allow a legal challenge to a blanket licensing scheme is expected next Thursday, August 13.

It follows a High Court hearing this week where Croydon Property Forum – a group of landlords, agents and developers – asked the judge, Sir Stephen Silber, to grant a judicial review.

Croydon’s licensing scheme is due to be implemented on October 1, with five-year licences costing £750 per property.

The judge heard arguments as to whether the council had consulted properly.

Jonathan Manning, representing Croydon Property Forum, argued that the council had not reached out to landlords sufficiently and had ignored developers who were building “large quantities of housing in the borough, much of which will be made available as private rent”.

Clive Sheldon QC, representing Croydon Council, said it was common sense for developers looking to invest in the borough to do their due diligence.

Meanwhile, plans for another licensing scheme – this time in the centre of Blackpool at a cost of up to £940 per property – have run into fierce opposition.

Landlords have warned the council that if the scheme goes ahead, rents will go up.

They say that the council already has sufficient resources and the backing of legislation to tackle problem properties.

There’s more on the Croydon case here


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  1. Will

    It appears Rogue Councils like Croydon are driven by greed to raise funding which is clearly demonstrated by whole borough licensing. Croydon are effectively confirming they have failed in their duty to administer their borough properly and have allowed WHOLE BOROUGH ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOR. This suggests the metropolitan police have also failed in policing the borough. (Anti social behavior being the justification for licensing).  The arrogance of the council is demonstrated when during the hearing it was reported  “Mr Sheldon argued the council, by law, did not have an obligation to take all reasonable steps, or consult all affected parties. It is for the local authority to decide what it deems reasonable.”   So no chance they might rig the consultation to get the result they want drive by multi millions of pounds of extra income?  Judge & Jury? They did this knowing government guidance suggests it was never the intention for borough-wide licensing.  Ultimately it will be for the judge to make the decision on how Croydon have behaved.  Everyone in the property profession should thank those in the Croydon Property Forum in their David and Goliath battle.

  2. MF

    Local Councils are supposed to “run” their boroughs.  Much like Government should “run” immigration.  Yet on both of these issues they are not doing their job properly, preferring to “delegate” the responsibility to landlords and agents.

    I would have thought they should at least be paying us for doing the work, rather than charging us.


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