Chaos and frustration for agents as bug hits users of popular software

A bug has crippled Jupix, meaning that both yesterday and on Monday, nearly 2,000 agents could have been tearing their hair out in frustration. It is not clear whether the problem has been sorted out today.

One agent told EYE: “We can’t access anything – phone numbers for vendors, applicants, solicitors, tenants, landlords, leases, rent monies, everything.

“This will delay landlords and contractors being paid, it’s shut our diary, and all our day-to-day activity has been closed down. I can’t call my clients or know what appointments I have. The whole system keeps going down.

“Just what we need – but we do get an apology.”

Yesterday afternoon, the business – part of ZPG – sent out a note to customers saying the problem had still not been sorted. It also apologised on Twitter.

Jupix started as an independent software supplier before being acquired by the Property Software Group, which was bought by ZPG last year. According to its Twitter account, there are over 1,800 daily Jupix customers.

It is regarded as one of the most highly innovative of software providers and has glowing five-star reviews from users on allAgents, not only for the software itself but for the quality of customer service.

A  ZPG spokesperson told EYE yesterday evening:  “We are aware of the intermittent issue some of our customers are having and we are working to resolve this. We have identified the issue and the fix is being worked on.”

Yesterday’s email to Jupix users said:

“Dear Jupix user,

We just wanted to ensure you were updated on the Jupix Database bug.

We have continued to spend the day working with the UK and US teams of the Jupix Database supplier.

Progress has been made but the issue remains currently unresolved.

We are still monitoring the service very carefully and please ask that you bear with us as we continue to work on the issue.

We sincerely apologise for the ongoing inconvenience this issue is causing.

Kindest Regards,

Your Jupix Team”

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  1. RealAgent

    Thank goodness the group don’t own any other software firms…..

  2. propTechSpecialist82

    Without wanting to sound techie, a bug in the database sounds severe. Does this mean clients data has been compromised ? Alternatively if this isn’t the case why not roll back to a stable release of the database.  Not sure I’d want to be the CTO at ZPG right now, sounds dreadful having to rely on partners in the US to resolve.

    Good luck, must be chaos with agents wanting to advertise properties, pay landlords and collect rents.

  3. AgencyInsider

    My early morning calming session with Whale Music has been disturbed by the raucous sound of Whale Laughter. Disgraceful.

    1. Whaley

      There aren’t enough emoticons in the world. But in all seriousness as I was saying to Robert May, I feel every sympathy. EVERY system has downtime, its about the amount of resilience you build into both the programme and the infrastructure.  Its just that most downtime is measured in minutes and not in hours and days.But while I can go GIF crazy from my ivory tower I’m absolutely empathetic to all the users, if you can’t get contact data and diary notes that’s not just frustrating. It also highlights the growing reliance on these CRM systems, by definition they’re the first things you turn on and the last you turn off. In an age where people get Fergus Beeley road ragey when an Uber doesn’t turn up in 5 minutes as opposed to the 3 it promised this is inevitably going to annoy.

      In an age when all estate agents are tarred with the ‘You’re all the same’ brush this has just shone a spotlight on the software world.

      1. Robert May

        “But in all seriousness as I was saying to Robert May”  if ever there was an oxymoron; Simon Whale and Robert May  discussing PSG

        1. Whaley

          Did you just call me a moron.  OH THIS IS ON…..

  4. Andrew Overman

    As a Jupix user, it’s been frustrating to say the least. My concerns are whether any of our / our clients data has been compromised and the stability of the system / platform moving forward. I loved being a Jupix customer in the earlier times but not so much since PSG / ZPG.


    1. NewsBoy

      I have to agree. . This is great software but I am now actively looking to see what else is out these. It could be worse. They could be owned by Wrongmove!!!!

  5. adrian

    Are there any real, modern alternatives to Jupix? i.e. software made in the last 2-5 years for Residential/Commercial agents?

    1. ChrisBrettEA

      There doesn’t really seem to be a a lot of choice when trying to find a software system that covers all basis. I.e. sales, lettings and property management. A lot seem to do sales and lettings, but very few seem to do property management as well. Very surprised that there hasn’t been more movement or another supplier come in, as there does appear to be a gap in the market.

      1. estateagent52

        Try Reapit, we have switched to this system and its excellent. It covers all bases including property management. We changed from Rezi which was the worst system ever; over promised and did not deliver on anything especially service. Thankfully we are now up and running with Reapit, it gives us everything we want from sales and lettings to management as well as office management and brilliant back up. Worth looking into.

        1. NewsBoy

          I have to agree about Rezi and DezRez.  Hugely complicated, so much so that most of us only leant half of it in 3 years. We use Jupix and are very pleased with it – so far. I do think it might be time to move now though.

    2. Nikesh

      Very good question Adrian, quite a few of the agencies we work with have different Property Management Software in place, we always receive varying opinions on them!


      Goodlord covers the entire pre-tenancy lettings process, being only 3 years old, I wonder if it’s something you’d be interested in looking at?  Do give us a quick Google 🙂

    3. Swinden68

      Dezrez software REZI is the most modern one out there and seems the most advanced by far. Jupix is quite old these days so not surprised it’s showing it’s age .

      1. dimezy20

        Couldn’t agree more it is by far the most advanced system on the market the only fully cloud based system with an Open API allowing automated workflow processes across multiple third party applications.

  6. Oldtimer

    I dont wish to sound smug as this can happen to anyone but we always print a copy of the next days diary before leaving the office just in case. Saved our bacon a few times.

    1. Neilw

      Ditto but we also create once a month a pdf of our Landlords, Tenants and Contractors details….we have been caught out before and learnt the lesson!!

    2. Simon Bradbury


      And if you DID wish to sound smug?

  7. lettingsexpert39

    This is a complete joke! i thought Jupix were a decent bit of software, but their service has went right down hill.. Anyone considering changing their software provider or voicing their frustration should do so here

  8. new life

    WE recieved no such email from Jupix ????????? luckily we still run a paper diary as backup sometimes the old ways are the best.


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