‘We’d rather have a garage than a garden’, say property searchers

Having a garden has fallen down the pecking order for potential buyers searching for homes on Zoopla. They would rather have a garage. And conservatories look very last year.

Data on search terms used on the portal for the first half of 2017 show the most popular keyword was garage, followed by parking, detached, and bungalow.

Searches for a garden came in fifth, sliding from top position at the same time last year.

Interestingly, given the increasing coverage on leasehold terms, freehold has made it into the top ten for the first half of the year. It didn’t rank in the most popular searches during 2016.

Users also seem to value having an annexe, and are interested in land.

You can see the top ten for this year and last below.


Ranking Keyword
1 Garage
2 Parking
3 Detached
4 Bungalow
5 Garden
6 Annexe
7 Furnished
8 Acres
9 Cottage
10 Freehold


Ranking Keyword
1 Garden
2 Garage
3 Detached
4 Parking
5 Bungalow
6 Furnished
7 Annexe
8 Cottage
9 Acres
10 Conservatory
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  1. NewsBoy

    More rubbish from Hoopla. They clearly are on the margins and getting false data! Interesting that Annex is 6th on the list. I haven’t had an enquiry for an Annex for 5 years! When was the last time we sold a house furnished? More than 5 years ago. Oh come on Hoopla. Please try to look as though you have a clue.

  2. jasonking


    Not complete tosh… but as usual with media property stories no context,  it very much depends on location, age, income and personal status… family, ftb, investor etc.


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