Boomin unveils another 10 founding members

Boomin, a major new property portal expected to launch in the next few weeks, has announced that it has secured the support of several new estate agencies.

In what is the second significant signing announcement this week, Boomin has confirmed that ten more well-known operators have chosen to be founder members.

The latest agents backing Boomin are Bidmead Cook, Balgores, Cooper & Tanner, Henry Adams, Jacob Steel, Karl Tatler, Miles & Barr, Michael Jones & Company, Kings Group, as well as Linley & Simpson.

Michael Bruce, executive chairman and founder of Boomin, commented: “We continue to be hugely impressed by the interest in Boomin and the engagement from agents up and down the country. Their desire to give their customers the very best experience, the widest possible exposure for their home and be part of transforming the property market for everyone has been the driving force behind their decision to support Boomin.

“2021 may prove to be a difficult year for the market so giving agents access to the latest portal technology without cost, with a view to increasing the number of property transactions and earning them additional income from new services centred on the broader home is widely welcomed by agents looking to the future.”

A number of other major operators are also backing Boomin, including Foxtons, Chancellors, Andrews, Century 21, Hunters, McEwan Fraser, Dacre, Son & Hartley, Ryder & Dutton, Miller Metcalfe, and Mishon Mackay.

Martin Gibbon, group managing director, Balgores, said: “With the Bruce brothers track record of breaking the mould in the property industry, we were intrigued to hear what Boomin was about.

“We were impressed with the edge it will provide us as agents and, more importantly, the experience it will provide our clients.”

Mark Brooks, CEO of Miles & Barr, commented: “At Miles & Barr we always try to be innovative and forward thinking with our approach to marketing and the promotion of our clients homes, whilst putting customer service at the forefront of everything we do.

“Having now seen how the Boomin portal is focused on customer experience as well as looking to change the whole concept of the customer journey usually associated with a property portal, we are extremely excited to be able to offer something unique to our clients having become one of the founding members.”


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  1. Hillofwad71

    You to have to hand it to them  when the editor is already  referring to them as a “major new portal “before they even kick off

    1. GPL


      The PR Juggernaut has swung into top gear.

      Deja vu.

      Time will tell whether it’s a Trojan Horse.

      The circus has officially come to town.

      You get the idea…..




  2. GPL

    …..and on yesterday’s Boomin thread


    …..this comment from me (just ensuring some perspective).
    OCTOBER 20, 2020 AT 19:54#31

    Trojan Horse…

    The Bruce Bros get the biggest laugh of all when Our Industry goes “BOOM” …….and we opened the door, welcomed them in and “Boomin?” ……morphed into “Boom in”.

    After everything The Bruce Bros said, did….. and we fall for the      “…….but really, it was always you that I loved”.

    It’s the “gloss” of Marketing/PR, the “fragrance” of your latest squeeze, the “sweet everything’s” being softly whispered in your ear, the promise of riches ……all sprinkled with the Magic “Too Good to be True” Dust.

    How gullible can Our Industry be? ……..”No Limits” it seems!

    Boom, Bang a Bang!


    1. Property Ear

      It’s not just gullibility. These recruits have been pilloried for years by the BB’s whose primary objective has been to put them out of business. Where the hell is their self respect and pride? It’s clearly non-existent. What a load of cheapskate lemmings!

  3. RichardHill61

    A major new portal!

    Anyone know what its USP’s are compared to other portals and why it’s going to be a better experience for the consumer?

    Will properties be listed cheaper than the other portals?




    1. jordan82

      There isn’t much other than STC rebranded as a feature and the ability for agents to sell pot plants and extra-wide toasters for a small referral fee.
      The wolf in sheep’s clothing is that it’s a data play and BB want to replace both the software and estate agents’ websites (though they won’t admit this right now). You have to remember it was launched as ‘not a portal’ and then ‘not a challenger portal’. Both things we now know not to be true.
      There’s no innovation here so don’t be fooled. BB are trying to ride off the back of agents frustrations with RM/fees and R.S and other ‘influencer agents’ have likely taken the knee in return for equity and free listings.
      Be careful! Boom is the new Herbalife and multi-level marketing is back again in the UK.

      1. KW

        Jordan have you took them up on the webinar? I declined but maybe should have. Just didn’t want to contribute to their already inflated ego(s).

  4. MarkJ

    GPL I think youre right about the Trojan Horse ….this time with more Bling.

    Whats that old saying….Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts




  5. EAMD172

    So suddenly everyone loves PB and the people who brought it to our industry. After complaining about them for years, let’s jump on their next bandwagon and make sure that if they do it again we cling to their shirt tails and pick up some scraps of their success. Dunderheads!!!!

  6. bestandfinal51

    The posts responding to this article represent synasism throughout – and rightly so. The very founders of this portal are themselves responsible for reducing salaries, reducing service levels whilst agents seek to cut costs and remain competitive and above all reducing the appeal to the industry. And all off the back of being a self proclaimed ‘disruptor’.

    The very advertising campaign they launched was playing to the very stereotypes the public had for agents whilst almost seeking to scare a seller. Agents are bad nasty people who charge too much and hide things from you. Use our tech and save a bundle.

    What has changed with this set up to their last? They appear to have surrounded themselves with the same team which were around them at PB, with some notable exceptions.

    I like most do not claim to know anything what the portal offers, it may well be THE best thing since, well since Rightmove launched. Time will tell if this time the Directors have something to bring back some feel good they they were responsible for eroding.

    If anything this article does illustrate two things. Agents continue to be led like sheep to the next gimmick in the name of chasing the marketing unicorn. This publication gives so many column inches to an organisation of which many know so little, they too are complicit for creating hysteria around the B Brothers. How about some journalism to inform the masses what Boomin is all about? Or is the whole industry disappearing up the backside of itself in order to be associated with ‘names’ to which it may be ‘cool’ to be seen with.


  7. PepeM

    All this really proves is how gullible and stupid many people in the industry are. When the big opportunity was there for agents to effectively create their own through OTM and perhaps have the best opportunity to do away with Rightmove and Zoopla they did t take it ! So here we have, potentially yet another portal, think that’s 4, loosing count and if that’s not enough this time one that’s going to grab all the Data that you generate and probably within 2 or 3 will sell on to some media giant.
    Clever boys those Bruce brothers ! You couldn’t write the script.

  8. Mrlondon52

    Dear Eye,

    Pls remember you are journalists not cheerleaders. We need the former, not the latter.

    Thank you.

  9. Eyereaderturnedposter12

    Perhaps PIE is “Boomin’s” biggest fan?

    What has happened to the quality, useful content?

    1. KW

      There does appear to be a bit of a little boys club thing going on here. Actually, some of those mentioned are members of the club with the ‘special handshake’. All slapping each others backs. Doesn’t matter what they do to normal folk as long as they make their coin. This industry needs a good clean up to rid us of all these ‘controlling gangs’.

  10. GeorgeHammond78

    Finally, the lunatics are running the asylum………

  11. smile please

    PIE instead of doing press release style stories, How about an objective look at Boomin.

    Why not highlight some of the massive issues rather than be a cheerleaders.

    If you do not have the time, i am happy to write a piece. I will be as balanced as possible.

    I worry agents are signing up without any real information.

  12. James White

    Many were founder members of OTM……

    I think we all know how this is going to affect the OTM share price…….

    Would you collapse the value of  any other stock you own?…..

    1. smile please

      Lets be fair James, that stock collapsed a long time ago ….. In fact did it ever really get near the promised £5.00 per share at launch Ian hoodwinked members with?

      1. James White

        It’s hovering around £1 now of course…… could have been £5 if the founder agents had dropped RM instead of Z right at the beginning, but they were all too scared of the corporate agents dominating RM if they did.

        Essentially Z funded OTM……now OTM will fund Boomin…….

  13. apostropheV96

    Beware geeks bearing rifts!

  14. Edgar

    I’m pleased to note that the agency I work for has not signed up (yet). I can only assume all of these agents who have signed up had no problem with PB and all the stuff that went on in the last few years.

    If Boomin blow Rightmove out of the water, I will tip my hat but I can’t see it happening. Not a fan of the name, sounds a bit stupid to me.

  15. Champ20

    it was only last week Homesearch was our saviour, now that has failed everyone jumps on Boomin….do me a favour

    1. smile please

      Homesearch was/is a wet fart. Sad as had high hopes for that one.

      1. bestandfinal51

        Agree! When will creators ever learn – people do not want to have to register to browse.

        1. KW

          Give them a chance guys! Everyone has to start somewhere!

    2. James White

      Portals need money and lots of it……..the only place they can go for that is Agents’ pockets……..

  16. Carpets And Curtains Included

    By coincidence, I got this in my inbox this morning…    
    hope you are keeping well.  
    I’m getting in touch with you because I just had to let to know about the most exciting new development in the property industry: Boomin.  
    Boomin is an innovative new property portal with a vision to transform the property market for everyone. Yes, you read that correctly: a new property portal.
    You’re probably wondering: how are they different to all the rest? To find out, I’d like to invite you to join one of our preview presentations where you can see this phenomenal new product in action.  
    The presentations will carry on taking place throughout October and will last around one hour.
    They will reveal: Boomin’s unique features and how we’re not just another copycat portal
    Our win-win, grow and profit together partnership model and what it means for you
    The rich and engaging experience we’ve created for both agents and consumers
    You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions of the founders and executive team. I’m sure you’re keen to know more! You can register now to choose a presentation and reserve your spot here.  
    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask and really hope you can join us to see what makes us stand out from the crowd. 
    Thanks, Mr Boomin Regional Sales manager, there’s 40 seconds of my life I’m not getting back.

    1. KW

      A colleague got an email too but not yet seen it. Probably similar. And I just wasted 40 seconds reading the same here LOL

  17. surrey1

    Lots of the original OTM backers are now advertising on OTM, RM & Z. So portal spend has gone up and now we’re considering another one.

  18. purplepatchy

    It will be a cold day in hell before a penny leaves our business bank account into the Bruce’s grubby hands.

  19. Hillofwad71

    Seemingly no boundaries to EYE’s endorsement of BOOMIN as they head up a tweet with


    “The latest agents backing Boomin include Bidmead Cook, Balgores, and Miles & Barr, among others.”

    Appreciate that  deep pocketed companies like Boomin are the lifeblood of a free forum like EYE  but this  lacks subtlelty


    Such a shame  to see the direction  this is  heading and I guess making a comment only serves to reinforce it




    1. KW

      PIE should be impartial and mark anything like this as a promotional post or something so we can swerve it. 

    2. mmmm

      I’m afraid that while the ONLY stories on PIE that generate meaningful engagement from the audience are those focussing on portals, asking them to be balanced is like asking an alcoholic to drink water…


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