Boomin ‘is making a difference to agents’, says Michael Bruce ahead of new TV campaign

Boomin says that its new TV-led campaign will go live from Sunday, as it hopes to win more business.

To help generate greater publicity, the property platform has provided the trade press with a preview of one its TV ads, which will initially air on Channel 4 on Boxing Day. See below. 

The new ‘get there before they do’ campaign follows Boomin’s ‘good things happen’ advertising campaign which launched in April.

At the heart of the new campaign is the claim that Boomin gets both agents and customers ‘ahead of the market’.

Secret Property, Sneak Peak, MatchMaker, ChainMaker and SmartVal are among some of the tools that Boomin is keen to promote.

The latest Boomin campaign will air across a number of prime time advertising slots over the next few months, along with video on demand, YouTube, social media and radio.

Phil Lloyd, chief marketing officer at Boomin said: “We’re proud of what we’ve already achieved with our launch advertising; over 55% of UK adults recognise our brand and that’s growing every week. This new campaign is the next step on our journey; simple, humorous and positive. And it focuses on what’s the most important component of a tight market with limited stock; Boomin gets you ahead.

“Creativity is in our DNA as a business; we have so many more exciting initiatives launching soon.”

Michael Bruce, CEO & founder of Boomin, added: “Boomin is making a difference to agents and customers. We offer considerably more unique features than anyone else in the market, have invested more in technology for agents and our advertising is streets ahead of our peers.

“We will continue to push ahead in 2022 building on recent innovations including ChainMaker and SmartVal and will be making some exciting announcements early in the New Year on innovative technology that will drive more business and profitability for agents.”



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  1. TB

    It’s still frankly bizarre that any agent would choose to support this.  The last thing the industry needs is another portal, have people learnt nothing from Rightmove and Zoopla that once they see themselves as invincible their prices will rise.  Anyone who trusts the Bruce brothers must be dim enough to allow Jimmy Saville to do their babysitting

  2. FudgeNugget

    Boomin ‘is making a difference to agents’ – they certainly will! When your free trial comes to an end and you start paying for something you get no leads from.

  3. Andrew1337

    1. Nobody cares

    2. Really nobody cares

    3. Does anyone actually have any factual data about how many properties are sold / let through this joke of a portal? I cannot find anything concrete and the only thing that this joke advertises is their “tools”…

    1. AcornsRNuts

      Not to mention the tools in charge!

      1. Andrew1337

        This tickled me, thank you 🙂

  4. Diogenes

    As it’s panto season: ‘Boomin is making a difference to agents’ – Oh no it isn’t!

  5. 456Lets

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Its irrelevant “making a difference to agents” for 2 reasons – firstly, its not.  It isn’t providing anything better than the other portals.  Secondly – it doesn’t solve a problem for the consumer, and the consumer here is the general public.  The “features” that are offered on Boomin that aren’t offered elsewhere aren’t something that the consumer needs, and are available in any case elsewhere.  I’m no brand expert, but after a year, surely more than 55% of the public should be familiar with the brand if they want to achieve what they set out to achieve.  Maybe its because people aren’t taking any notice as its not something that anyone needs.

  6. AgentQ73

    How’s the property playground going ? Assuming cheques are flying out to agents ?

  7. Estate_Agent_Memes

    Advertising that someone has bought a property without it being fully marketed to the many buyers that are out there is, as we tell our clients, stupid in such a busy market!! You could literally lose thousands of pounds! This shows how out of touch they are.

    BLoomin Idiots!

  8. Woodentop

    The consumer wants simplicity not duplicity. They are fed up chasing around portals and many say they now only use one portal and only go to one other if there isn’t anything on the first, only to find duplication of what they had already searched.  
    No room for a fifth, the consumer hasn’t the patience for a new portal that offers them nothing more. The consumer isn’t interested in an agents interests it may have to use a particular portal and even less if it discovers its interest is all about the agent or portal. Put the past association with PB …. one wonders going by many negative reviews, what the consumer will think and I wonder what agents think they are walking into?  
    Does any agent really believe Boomin are going to wipe out the existing portals status quo. Just look at all the negative comments about RM by agents and they are still #1. There is a reason for that and its not what the consumer cares about agents being stuffed with high fee’s.
    The solid support RM & Zoopla has from its core agents base who will never join Boomin or those agents that remember the Bruce’s antics with commissary and what they tried to do with the industry …. that hurt many.
    Considering the Bruces apparent wealth and past behaviour, one wonders what their real motive is to start Boomin!

  9. PeeBee

    So… let me get this right…

    This couple “found” a property that wasn’t yet on the market; had three “valuations” delivered over their smartphone and were in a position to make a proceedable offer on said property before it was put to market – and subsequently had the sale proceed to completion.

    All, seemingly, after 6th September – the date that ‘Smartval’ was released to the world.

    Remarkable.  Not impossible, admittedly… just truly remarkable.

  10. The No.1 Hybrid Agent Book

    Not directly relating to Boomin but..

    Has anyone else noticed this, where are the Purplebricks stories over the last two weeks?

    10 stories on PIE in two weeks up to 14th, 8 on EAT in that period then nothing, not one.

    It’s like someone switched off the tap of purple scandal and mis-management with a massive High Court Injunction.

    Obviously this can’t be confirmed under the terms of any such injunction but the continued lack of daily PB stories tells us all that solicitors in the Midlands have been earning their Christmas bonuses this month.

    Any thoughts?

    1. PeeBee

      What is there to say?
      The model is screwed; they have finally succumbed to the weight of evidence showing them for what they are – and have been all along… and those that happily and wilfully rode along on the shirt-tails are now looking to suck the last gasps of putrid air from the rapidly deflating balloon, claiming it’s somehow their right.
      No news there – just seven years of “watch this space” coming up trumps… and a lot of “told you so” to be heard in the not-too distant future, I would suggest.
      The industry should be a slightly better place in the wake of this protracted farce.  Now THAT is good news in the making!


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