Boomin continues to sign-up agents across the UK

Boomin has announced that it has secured the support of ten more estate agencies, all of which have chosen to be founder members.

In what is the third signing announcement this month, Boomin, a soon-to-launch property portal, has confirmed that the latest agents backing the website are Humberts, Newman Property Experts, Beals, Keatons, Hurford Salvi Carr, MyLondonHome, Venmores, Nock Deighton, Alexander & Co Group, and West Wales Properties.

Duncan Ley, director, Humberts, said: “The preview of the site has shown that the new portal has completely re-considered what can be offered to the public beyond a simple list of houses for sale.

“The additional content will encourage longer engagement and could capture buyers and sellers at a far earlier stage of their journey. Humberts are constantly reviewing how we can offer a broader service to our customers and clients and Boomin is doing the same.”

Boomin says that any new agents who sign-up now will qualify for ‘founder member’ status, which offers various benefits, including a free equity share allocation and use of the platform itself until January 2022 at no cost and obligation whilst earning new and recurring revenues.

Michael Bruce, executive chairman and founder of Boomin, said: “The engagement and reaction from agents across the country, both large and small, who have seen the platform and challenged the leadership team in webinars and presentations has been fantastic and this is increasingly evident in the rush to sign-up as founder members.

“Their desire to give their customers the very best experience, the widest possible exposure for their home and be part of transforming the property market for everyone has been the driving force behind their decision to support Boomin.

“2021 may prove to be a difficult year for the market so giving agents access to the latest portal technology without cost, with a view to increasing the number of property transactions and earning them additional income from new services centred on the broader home is widely welcomed by agents looking to the future.”

A number of major operators have expressed support for Boomin, including Century 21, Hunters, Foxtons, Chancellors, Bidmead Cook, Balgores, Miles & Barr, among others.

Sean Newman, chairman, Newman Property Experts, said: “I fully support Michael, Kenny and the Boomin team. The new platform is very innovative, which is needed in a market that needs a shake-up. This will be great for consumers and Estate Agents so I am very excited about the launch.”

Michael Nettleton, chairman, Nock Deighton, added: “As a forward-thinking agent, we are extremely excited to be a part of Boomin’s new journey and our team are keen to see how the property market transforms.”


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  1. Robert_May

    Rightmove need to get a wiggle on! Perhaps an extension of the 75% discount to cover agents during Covid 2nd wave  allowing agent to  build up a small reserve  would show the industry they are taking the Boomin threat seriously.  
    If they don’t they will drive another nail of arrogance into their own coffin. 
    Boomin are playing this right, an incentivised, no cost, no commitment challenge to Rightmove and Zoopla that agents can and will use to leverage a better deal from Rightmove. If Boomin doesn’t work they’ve still got a better deal from the duopoly they wouldn’t have had. If Boomin works they’ve got additional revenue and a better deal from the duopoly.  Win, Win Win. 

    1. NicholaJ

      Gríma Wormtongue wants a word with you.

      1. Robert_May

        Funny! I am my own outspoken self saying things as I see them. This is a discussion forum where  the discussion and the debate about the stories that are put up for us to discuss is what it’s all about.


        If I’m wrong tell me why.

        1. jan - byers

          ignore the troll

          1. Robert_May

            The thing about any comment is, it’s valid. It isn’t trolling unless you don’t want to respond  but have to.

            Some people will be confused by my ambivalence towards Boomin because of my comments about Purplebricks, what those people don’t realise is that Michael and Kenny Bruce  are  now working with and for the people whose business model was resilient to disruption. They’re doing what the  disruptors argued against.

    2. iainwhite87

      100% agree Robert

  2. GPL

    Okay ……we get the “roll-up, roll-up” B**min template ……anything of substance or simply “here’s another 10”.


    I enjoy One Man and His/Her Dog because there is an element of the unknown with different dogs & sheep however this B**min malarkey just plays out with 10 sheep every so often walking through a door?


    It’s hard not to think as the sheep trot through The Bruce Bros are standing in front of a Sign which they are cleverly obscuring….


    ……it reads A B * T * * * R






    1. KW

      You cannot but wonder why the #metoosheep are so quick to follow. Maybe it has something to do with the free for 12 months plus the equity share. The brucey bums must be red raw with all the licking that’s going on.

  3. MarkJ


    Its probably me being thick …. I have previous….

    Your original post ….are you saying that you support Boomin or simply Boomin as a tool to combat Rightmove?


    1. Robert_May

      short answer    Both
      Anyone offended by long posts can skip this explanation
      I’m ambivalent to what Boomin is.  Michael and Kenny  Bruce have built what I consider is the natural evolution of property advertising. It is a magazine to Rightmove as a newspaper. Homes and Garden, Country Life compared with the local weekly newspaper.
      Agents should realise the power they now have- they are customers again, they are customers with a choice.
      Rightmove subscriptions rose unjustifialbly for 10 years 8% above RPI because of the duopoly. In March the duopoly was broken and that has allowed competition to exist.
      Boomin is a well funded something that is challenging Rightmove, Zoopla and On the Market. they might  join forces with one competitor to Rightmove but unlikely both. With real competition in the market Rightmove’s subscription model is challenged so agents should use that to their advantage with Rightmove. (And when the time comes Boomin if they try to charge a subscription)
      The biggest change this brings is that Rightmove have to innovate or they will left behind- they will have to copy functionality.
      Because the customer base is suddenly educated to a new way of portals earning money agents will use that to haggle with their  portal suppliers

  4. Woodentop

    ‘ ……. encourage longer engagement and could capture buyers and sellers at a far earlier stage’.


    That leopard has never changed its spots, so Boomin no matter how you dress it up could be the nail in estate agency if they get hold of your data. Do you really believe that Bruce with his history, really cares about agents or the agents stock.


    Naïve! What safe guards have you been given that are enforceable or are you taking the poachers word for it.  I shall take great delight in telling you … I told you so, if it goes pear shaped.


    Agents are being played that same old song, get left out and you will wither away to the competition that joined. Lemmings whop do not think ahead ….. there is a cliff edge!

    1. James Christchurch

      Woodentop – have you been on the Boomin’ webinar presentation?



  5. HIT MAN

    Oh Dear, have to agree with GPL, ‘Lambs to the slaughter’ one thinks, and in a previous thread yesterday from Woodentop…



    As for Boomin ……. you have been warned that a leopard never changes its spots. Are you lot crackers to even think of entertaining someone who derided agents, would be happy to see you disappear and sell you a story they are now your ally. What is to stop them turn into a Zillow later once you have built up their platform in the market? People should be asking themselves “Trust”  “firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something” that needs you, when you don’t need them!

    OTM seems the best bet if you want out of Rightmove..

  6. JEL

    just keep mentioning Boomin to your Rightmove rep in every other sentence, if nothing else it will start to irritate the hell out of them…its only a small pleasure but you have to take the opportunity were you can

    1. Tegs Dad

      Careful! I nearly choked on my tea when I read that.

      1. JEL

        Its true….at my age it is the only pleasure !

        1. Robert_May

          Driving at the speed limit really irks people who think their very superior car is entilled to ignore the limit because they’re only visting, another simple please to add to the list?

  7. Woodentop

    I was a founder member of RM and OTM, as were many other agents and look what both of them did to agents. Look what PB under the Bruce’s leadership did to its investors, employees, high street agents and the public …. commissary!  
    Are you lot insane! What is to stop Boomin doing the same?
    Why doesn’t someone independent of all the razzmatazz of Boomins publicity come foreward with the pro’s and con’s of this venture? Why are Boomin so secretive, if they have nothing to hide?
    “Trust”  “firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something”

    1. Robert_May

      Smile Please offered to do that.

  8. SLF

    The Bruce brothers are passionate, committed and serious about everything they do whether you like what they do or not. Many of us didn’t like what they did with PB and what it did to the market. That’s history. Lets get over it.

    What they’re doing now is a big, big game changer….lets all get behind Boomin and forget the past.


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