Backing for proptech firm which gives high street agents means to compete with online agents

A business which gives high street agents the tools to compete with online firms is being backed by two proptech ‘angels’.

Eddie Holmes and James Dearsley have put an undisclosed amount of investment into Hystreet, and taken up advisory roles.

The pair join the company as it prepares for a widespread release of its technology products.

Awais Ahmad, CEO of Hystreet, said: “I’m delighted to have James and Eddie backing our business not just with their investment but by joining our senior team.

“Having received many offers of investment as we grow quickly it’s crucial that we pick investors that share our vision and ethos.

“James and Eddie are passionate about our industry and share our vision for helping high street agents.”

In a joint statement, Dearsley and Holmes said: “We are looking forward to the challenge of helping high street estate agents leverage their service levels with useful technology tools.

“Awais and his team have a fascinating vision for how Hystreet’s technology should be deployed. Understanding the business model behind it has been exciting and confirmed our belief that there are simple and cost effective solutions for estate agents looking to invigorate their business models into 2018 and beyond.”

Hystreet offers a software platform that allows a high street agent to offer both their traditional service and a white-labelled online brand.

It is offered to branches on a monthly subscription basis, with fees being finalised now. 


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  1. gk1uk2001

    I didn’t realise that the online agents had a big enough share of the market to make us all panic and start offering the same cut price ‘service’ that they do. I’d rather not cheapen our brand and continue to do what we’re doing thanks.

  2. NotLikeTheTrolls86

    So I presume this means the end of James and Eddie’s ability to comment neutrally on the space. Can’t believe many prop tech companies will want to talk to them knowing they might invest in a competitor?


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