Ayup! Former house of demolition expert Fred Dibnah could go for knock-down price

The former home of steeplejack and demolition expert Fred Dibnah could go for a knock-down price to its next owner.

The listed home in Bolton has been put into a raffle.

Cost of entry is £10, including a 25p booking fee.

The competition, a spot the ball game, needs to sell a minimum of 50,000 tickets and a maximum of 55,000 between now and next June.

If the minimum isn’t met, the prize will be 70% of the funds raised from ticket sales.

The prize includes Stamp Duty and conveyancing fees and is valued at £450,000.

Dibnah, who felled his last chimney in May 2004, was a larger than life television personality, and died in 2004.

Devotees have been running and visiting the Fred Dibnah Heritage Centre since, but this has now closed.

The house dates from 1854 – and includes some prominent chimneys.



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  1. LucyP

    Are you sure this article is accurate? The property owner on his own site and in a video posted on that site says that the ticket price is £25, and not £10.25. He also states that there will be a maximum of 24,000 tickets. He does not mention anything about stamp duty, legal fees or 70% of the funds, nor does he mention a closing date.


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