Axel Springer and Purplebricks make further investments in Homeday

Reporting in EU-Startups Magazine, Charlotte Tucker wrote the following piece which we reprint, unedited, by kind permission of the title.


Today [June 15th] Berlin-based Homeday, the brokerage firm financed by Project A, will receive a further €40 million. Axel Springer SE and Purplebricks are also investing and expanding their shares.

Homeday, founded in 2015, is one of the fastest growing nationwide brokerage companies in Germany.

Homeday offers real estate sellers a full brokerage service with experienced local agents, with no commission charged.

Buyers also pay less than usual on the market and therefore have more money at their disposal. Overall, the Homeday service saves all parties involved thousands of euros.

Today a team of almost 200 employees and 180 independent Homeday brokers accompanies real estate sellers and buyers in Germany through the entire brokerage process, from the intention to sell to the conclusion of the contract.

The lead investor in this round was Project A, a leading venture capital company in Europe with offices in Berlin, Munich and London.

Uwe Horstmann, partner and managing director of Project A, commented:

“As a partner and investor from the very beginning with Axel Springer SE and Purplebricks, we are extremely pleased about the impressive development of Homeday.

Project A and Homeday have had a particularly close relationship for a long time. We have not only accompanied the company financially, but Project A has supported

Homeday in many areas such as the development of marketing or business intelligence. We also provided operational support for technological and product-related development.”

Digital brokerage solutions have been revolutionizing the real estate market for several years now, and Homeday was able to increase its brokerage orders in 2019 by 515% compared to the previous year.

To date, Homeday has brokered real estate valued at around €3 billion.


Berlin-based Homeday snaps up €40 million for its hybrid brokerage solutions


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  1. Hillofwad71

    If at first you don’t succeed …..

    Haven’t they learned anything

    They spoke very excitedly about the opp. in Oz in 2016


    “We are very excited about the size of the market opportunity there, and believe that the expansion outside of the UK provides both additional returns for investors and the benefit of diversified income streams.”

    In USA

    “I think what’s great about our model is it’s new in the U.S., but it has been proven in the U.K. within three years,” said Eric Eckardt, Purplebricks’ U.S. CEO. ”



    Paul Vickerstaff Bricks Sales Director was sent over to Homeday Germany in  May last year to lead the charge .That didn’t last long and came back  pretty sharpish in September leaving Bricks alltogther



  2. Property Pundit

    Can we get an idea of Homeday’s financials? They’re noticeably absent. Wonder why?

    1. Hillofwad71

      Sounds Impressive!  Clearly needed to raise capital though! 
      “Homeday’s hybrid business model successful: 515 percent growth in 2019 Wicker can look back on a year of record growth: Homeday was able to increase the number of its brokerage orders by 515 percent in 2019 , making it the fastest growing nationwide broker in Germany. Since it was founded in 2015, the hybrid broker has successfully brokered real estate worth over 3 billion euros . The engine for the growth of the company is the high level of customer satisfaction: No broker anywhere in Germany scores more 5-star ratings on the independent rating platform Trustpilot than Homeday.”

      1. PeeBee

        “No broker anywhere in Germany scores more 5-star ratings on the independent rating platform Trustpilot than Homeday.”
        So – something for the German equivalent of Joe Lycett to get his gnashers into then…

  3. KByfield04

    From what I gather Homeday lost around 8.7m euros in the last financial year.

    1. PeeBee

      It’s a kn@ckered nag in the right stable, then…


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