Average private rents are on the rise – but lag behind inflation

Average UK rents rose between July and September but the average increase was below inflation, according to the Deposit Protection Service.

Average monthly rents in the UK increased by £7 (0.91%) to £778, less than half the 1.9% rise in inflation during the period.

Rents for terrace and semi-detached properties in Q3 were the exception, rising above inflation with annual increases of over 4%.

Most UK regions experienced an increase in average rents, with those outside London averaging £676 – a marginal uplift of £3 on the previous quarter.

London is still the most expensive rental region in the UK, with the largest year-on-year growth of £43 (3.34%) and an average rent of £1,333.

On average, renters in the UK spend 32% of their wages on rent, the DPS said.

The full report is available at: http://www.depositprotection.com/media/1602/dps_rent_index_q3_2019.pdf

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  1. PossessionFriendUK39

    EVERYTHING,   is on the rise, but almost exclusively for Tenants due to their alleged Support groups and Govt joining in,   implementing anti-Landlord legislation that even a fool could tell would increase rents !


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