Aspiring new trade body for industry says it has been inundated by response

The Charter for Independent Estate and Letting Agents (CIELA) says it has received so many expressions of interest and support that it has been unable to reply individually.

The aspiring new industry body has also said it no longer looks like being a club exclusively run by men – although only two out of 12 founders are set to be women – and that it could be the most powerful organisation the industry has yet known.

In a ‘round robin’, CEILA – the brainchild of industry software provider Charlie Wright – said: “Having initially received no applications from women owners of estate and letting agents, we have reserved two founder member positions for women.

“We’re delighted to say that we have now received many expressions of interest in becoming a founder member from women owners of a variety of impressive independent estate and letting agencies.

“We hope to have completed the provisional appointment of these two final founder members within a week or so.”

CIELA also says that it is not yet ready to deal with inquiries from agents hoping to become rank-and-file members, as it is concentrating on building its large and ambitious leadership structure, which consists of founders, plus regional and county or London borough officers.

Its email says that it plans to open the formal application process of appointing 12 regional officers in the next week.

It goes on: “Regional officers will hold the most significant positions in the organisation, given that they will have the dual responsibility of sitting on the national committee with founder members, debating and deciding on the future of the industry, as well as the local task of selecting and liaising with, on average, the six county (or London borough) officers within their region.”

The email goes on: “The debate continues around whether or not independent agents will unite in majority numbers to form an organisation with the teeth and resources to defend against, and compete better with, the large corporate companies in your sector.

“There is no doubt that if all independents united quickly, you would have working for you by far the most powerful organisation your industry has ever known.

“At a local level CIELA acknowledges that it is other independents who are your fiercest competition. Competing with your local independent competitors is something that will always happen, and that’s a good thing for the public as you all continue to improve your services.

“It is CIELA policy that none of our activities will either advantage or disadvantage any member against any other. This would create unacceptable divisions within the organisation.

“But where you are all united is against the common threat of corporate practice, whether in estate agency itself, from new online-only advertising services masquerading as estate agents, or other large corporate organisations trying to take control of your most valuable commodity, your customer information.

“CIELA believes that this last threat is the greatest and warns all independent agents to be ultra-cautious before entering into any agreements with service providers who claim rights to your information in their contract small print.

“CIELA’s stated aim is to help its members take ownership of the future of their business and their industry, by providing you with a collective public voice, advice on how to avoid being exploited by your suppliers, and an easy way for you to maximise the income opportunities you have in the customer information you store.”


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  1. PeeBee

    “… CEILA – the brainchild of…”

    “Alternative fact” phrase for ‘borrowed idea’, it seems…

  2. Ric

    All I want to know is…. can I be a “FCIELA” as I have done this job such a long time, I really want to be an “F” as NAEA only let me be a “MNAEA” the tight sods….. I know loads of property stuff too… So let me be a FCIELA and I will drop NFOPP and join.

  3. PeeBee

     “Regional officers will hold the most significant positions in the organisation… debating and deciding on the future of the industry…”

    Sorry – WHAT???

    Major reality check seems the requirement of the day.

    Reminder of some of the words from the ‘Open Letter’:

    “We would not presume to tell anyone how to run their business, nor be trying to encourage better practice, because other organisations already do that.”

    To me – the most attractive thing about this ‘Club’ – THEIR word, not mine – is that a certain Mr Shinerock is miffed by it not asking him to be on the top table.

    I don’t think that’s good enough reason though, somehow…

    1. wardy

      Maybe they’ve already had a look at the budget and decided that massaging Mr Shinerocks ego may send them into bankruptcy before they even start.

      1. AgencyInsider

        No-one has a budget large enough to massage that particular ego.

        1. PeeBee

          According to The Quirkster’s Prop Trumps, I’ve got an ‘Ego’ rating of 99 – I reckon that puts me head & shoulders over Mr Shinerock!

  4. danny

    Industry organisation set up to combat ineffective industry organisation ineffective in first hurdle or answering people wanting to join

    1. Ric

      Yeh…. agreed, I’m a “Fellow” yet CIELA, I’ve been a wanna-be member for 2 hours now.


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