Another record breaking month for us, says OnTheMarket

Traffic levels at have risen again in another record breaking month, the portal announced yesterday.

Throughout September, the website achieved 5.6m visits, compared to 5.4m in August.

 This traffic consisted of more than 2.7m unique visitors, compared to 2.5m in August.

Last month was also a record month for the number of leads delivered to agents, said the site.

Chief executive Ian Springett said: “We are delighted to see such a significant increase in our traffic yet again.

“Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of our new and exclusive properties which are uploaded to OnTheMarket 24 hours or more ahead of any other portal and they know that to get ahead of the game, they should search there.

 “Alongside our strong uptake in traffic, support among estate and letting agents for OnTheMarket to succeed continues to increase daily.

“We believe it is only a matter of time before we overtake Zoopla as the No. 2 portal in terms of available UK property listings and provide agents and consumers alike with a credible alternative to the current duopoly of Rightmove and Zoopla.”

OTM measures its traffic using Google Analytics.


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  1. GPL

    I look forward to news on the growth of the OTM Membership.

    1. harry hood

      yes we can tell this is your life blood!

  2. EHenderson

    What a load of nonsense!

    They are comparing October with August, when everybody is on summer holiday!.

    what about a comparison to September? Surely that’s more relevant.

    Doesn’t look like growth to me…



    1. EHenderson

      Oh, just realised that they were comparing September with August, which is even worse! 200,000 extra visits September from August is not good.


      1. GPL

        Ah Yes…. the world in which EHenderson exists….. where more is less? …..ok, so The Duopoly is down 2 Million visits between September & August… and that’s a good thing?

  3. EHenderson

    Oh my goodness. I have just read on EAT that they are launching an international section.

    While there are accusations flying around that onthemarket is really there to serve the interests of top end agents, why would they be spending their time developing and launching an international channel?  Were their members consulted on this? Or does this show that the board of agents mutual will continue to serve their own interests, and ignore the interests of the vast majority of their members who do not have a single international property on their books?

    1. GPL

      STOP PRESS! EHenderson can apparently read?

      1. harry hood

        That was bad form GPL

    2. harry hood

      This is a shocker. Someone needs to answer some big big questions.


      Why did this publication with their stated close business relationship not get this story first? Have things turned sour at Agents HQ?

  4. JC7

    Look at London and OTM only have 1,000 properties versus Zoopla who have 10,000+ this company is nowhere and uses PIE and EAT as propaganda vehicles to try to persuade us all they still have a chance of making this business plan work.

  5. Gump

    If they do launch an international arm, their “normal” members are being royally mugged off

  6. GPL

    EHenderson & Co….. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  7. the message

    i had heard the international rumour, but couldnt believe they would really do it – then again I couldnt believe they would do the countrylife deal as well… have to admire their skin – thick as old boots.


    I am sure all you OTM members will be told that it cost nothing to do, no distraction to the current business etc etc etc, but smell the coffee chaps – the purity of the OTM concept has been taken over by the Napoleons of the world – who needs to read animal farm when it is being played out in front of us – “All agents are equal…..but some are more equal than others”……


  8. CDC

    Correct me if I’m wrong but 5.6m/ 2.7m = 2.07. So either Springett is embellishing the figures in an attempt to make them look like big boy numbers or, if true, the average user is only looking at 2 pages.

  9. the message

    I will correct you CDC. 5.6m visits, 2.7m uniques.


    Means each person came to the site on average 2.07 times a month. So the average user coming twice.


    very odd, but its their numbers

    1. CDC

      Homepage #1, listings page #2, properties #0.07

  10. Pomdownunder

    Average time on site, average page views & bounce rate please OTM. Visits, Uv’s mean nothing without the 3 stars aforementioned alongside it….

    1. Robert May

      According to  the stats 1.3 billion people looked at Rightmove, spending 45 minutes doing so. At UK average wage (£13.84/hour ) the time spent looking at Rightmove is the  same  as buying 79,000 average UK properties outright with no mortgage.

      Until thoses 3 stats are correlated to completion figures they don’t mean anything either. (Other than an awful lot of time by an awful lot of people is being wasted by people who never buy property)

      1. Pomdownunder

        What are you on about? Of course those 3 stats mean something. If people aren’t spending a good amount of time on your site that tells you that theyre less likely to make an enquiry. The reason bounce rate is of note, is because you can boost your SEM spend on google to take people to the website (thus boosting traffic no’s) but they often bounce straight out again. It’s not of the same quality as traffic gained via SEO. That’s why all these stars come hand in hand.

        1. Robert May

          As it stands even if each property sold in the UK is result of  a Rightmove enquiry  (it isn’t)  it takes 114,000,000 somethings to achieve about 100,000 sales.

          That is a conversion rate of 0.09%  to put that in context  good junk mail  does about 4%.

          None of the 3 statistic can be linked in a meaningful way to each sale.

          1. interestedobserver

            I take your point, but the same agents not recognising traffic numbers used to complain about newspaper distribution (VFD/ABC) for the same reason – stats can say anything etc etc. It appears the only way to get a true picture is for all agents to share completion data and lead sources, but of course that depends on someone at the agent recording all that info. Anyone who ever mystery shopped anything knows how inconsistent customer service can be. So what’s the solution? As always, a genuine question.

            1. Robert May

              VFP/ABC numbers were quantifiable, it wasn’t possible to claim a VFP or ABC 10 x larger than the area served, you  certainly didn’t then multiply the number of pages per paper  by the VFD/ABC number to give a page views number.You then didn’t assume the paper  which had been read on the way to work, at work, on the way home  and at home were  valid multipliers


  11. Pomdownunder

    Stats not stars damn autocorrect.

  12. the message

    Pom, you are talking gibberish to 95% of people on here, and the other 5% don’t care, as they are either on OTM and prepared to suck it and see, or cant believe the folly of people on OTM.

    In paymans terms, there are lies damn lies and statistics. How many people who visit your site is worthless if they dont stay for any length of time, or dont come back.


  13. GPL

    What is interesting to me is the Manipulation of Visitors/Hits by Blightmove and The Other One….. in order to manipulate the numbers I note RightyBlightyMove appear to be timing their Online Alerts to target times when people are watching certain prominent TV Programmes so that those sitting with their ipad welded to their lap browsing whilst watching telly, receive a Property Alert which rhey will most likely briefly open then fire in the Trash!


    The biggest problem for me is the reliance on Visitor Numbers to the virtual exclusion of all else…. the quality matters not one jot…… just cranking the numbers! And that applies to all those portals that regurgitate numbers as proof of performance.


    I know that our public follow stock and for the umpteenth millionith time….. if the vast majority of estate agents moved their stock to or…. the public will follow.


    So, the Game of Numbers remains just that! … takes zero account of the quality… having just very successfully sold a property this morning from our for sale board placed last Tuesday and 1st Viewing at the weekend…. received an excellent offer and then negotiated even higher!…. The Duopoly did not contribute to this sale…. Let’s remember they are No Holy Grail… they just like to portray they are!

  14. Paul House

    5.6m visits in September.

    The jump to 10m-£15m-£60m visits per month is no more difficult then independent agents wish to make it.

  15. the message

    I trust that every member here appreciates the sacrifice that Comrade Springett together with the High End agents have made in taking this burden upon himself. Do not imagine, comrades, that leadership is a pleasure! On the contrary, it is a deep and heavy responsibility. No one believes more firmly than Savills et al that all members are equal. We would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?” …

    Letter accompanying the move into overseas properties…….

    1. harry hood

      Absolutely. I just wish people of lower classes would stop questioning the peers and paragons of Agents Mutual who know and will do what is best. A strong upper class is good for UK agency and I, for one, would support this anyhow I can. It is truly the time to support those of higher station.


      Tzing boom

  16. GPL

    Understand this the message….. so many estate agents loathe Blightmove and The Other One….. loathe them! have a monumental opportunity to deliver for the UK Estate Agency Industry….. and be in no doubt that I and the thousands of UK Estate Agents that support and pay for OTM have expectations…..

    We accept development time….. we have committed for the mid/long term …..above all we expect OTM to deliver for the UK Estate Agency Industry…. and don’t underestimate what we are prepared to endure to flush The Duopoly from our industry.

    However regardless of the loathing of The Duopoly…. Ian Springett and all the Management Team should be in no doubt that every single OTM Member will judge them not by Press Releases…. the results, as in our industry, are what matters. 1 Year on I, and no doubt every other member, will expect detailed results to demonstrate their performance over Year 1 and the plan for Year 2 onwards……

    Year 1 is just exiting the starting blocks and from my spectator’s position, if I was The Duopoly?….. I wouldn’t be sucking on my cigars yet, thinking they’ve seen OTM off…. the worry for The Duopoly….. despite every press release of Doom & Gloom, despite every ANALysts Report/Forecast….. keep looking over your shoulder and you find still there! ……and that’s because the way bigger picture here is the UK PROPERTY INDUSTRY…… NOT the success of Blightmove & Co’s Share Price!….. nor the Circus Act Online Property Listers who perform like Clowns trying to outdo each other with stunts, gimmicks, fundraising, ludicrous press releases etc….

    My clients and thousands & thousands of UK Homeowners want their most financially valuable asset to be treated with the respect & professionalism that most of UK High Street Estate Agency brings to Property Sales….. they don’t want their home to be treated like a profit making bauble or part of an Online Property Listers Circus Act!

    The one thing that hasn’t changed is most REAL UK HIGH STREET ESTATE AGENTS realise that we are selling people’s homes and all the energy/emotion/graft/effort that is involved on both sides….. the Property Listers & Profit Takers don’t care about clients/their homes…. they just want to line their sleazy pockets until they are found out then move on!

    The Duopoly and The Online Property Circus Listers are trying to turn the UK Property Industry from a service industry into a Supermarket Sweep Business?!

    From my perspective I see my clients appreciating what a Real Estate Agent does for their client and yet again I have another client coming back to me to sell their home several years later, not because I offer a cheap fee/service, not because of The Duopoly…. because they experienced a REAL Estate Agent’s Service!

    There are REAL Estate Agents and there are those that are sales people who work for companies portraying themselves as Estate Agents….. thankfully we are poles apart!


  17. danny

    One agents mutual source told us “we didn’t think it would be this easy, first the country life deal , then the leap into international before repo’s , auctions ,commercial and that faffy stuff that the average scmuck does whilst the guys at Savilles are quaffing champagne. As long as they keep paying for it were making a nice little portal for ourselves whilst everyone else pays for it , it’s genius ” the interview was cut short as the bags of money for Springetts wages where bought in by their entire sales team

  18. GPL

    …..and yet to be announced in the Real World  of Estate Agency News…. Rightmove & Zoopla confirm that they don’t serve the members that pay their monthly fees…. they are simply in business to lather themselves in profit at the expense of their members!

    That in reality is The Duopoly’s approach to our industry….. hence both portals loathsome reputation amongst paying members….. the clock continues to tick! ….however it won’t be good times forever so enjoy sucking up to The Duopoly danny boy & co.



    1. danny

      And GPL is a registered charity that doesn’t turn a profit … Grow up , this is the real world


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