And here’s raffle number two – agent raffling his Porsche at £20 per ticket

A Chelsea estate agent is selling off his Porsche – hoping to sell 2,500 tickets for £20 each.

It is not known whether the personalised number plate – E3 DYB – will be included.

If Ed Bezzant succeeds in selling all 2,500 tickets, he will make £50,000, which is more than the recommended retail price of a brand new Porsche Cayman, at £42,897.

Bezzant announced the raffle on Instagram, saying: “Selling my Porsche for £20 – I am selling 2500 raffle tickets via DM the raffle will take place once all 2500 are sold and I will put every single entry in to an instagram live draw – this is 100% genuine and someone will be signed over the papers to the car if they are picked you can buy as many entry’s as you like all will be confirmed via email as well as how to pay. Let the game begin.”

Apparently Bezzant has his eyes on his next car – a Porsche Carrera which costs around £80,000– and also has his wedding next year to pay for.

Bezzant is director at Beaney Pearce, based in Sloane Square. He started his career at Foxtons.

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  1. g4lvo17

    You are not allowed to run a raffle for profit without permission from the gaming commission, so this would be entirely illegal if this has not been approved. This is why you don’t see hundreds of people doing this.

  2. Eric Walker

    I hope Shelter realise the impact the tenant fee ban is having…. 🙂

  3. WatchOut42

    Lol, I wonder who the winner will be !

  4. BarryBarclay42

    Well, the Mirror made no effort and it seems neither did the Industry Eye. The car has outstanding finance with Santander, the car has a mileage discrepancy at the DVLA, the seller isn’t a Director of Beaney Pearce, according to Companies House he isn’t and never has been. Great work, does the property industry the power of good. Looking at the no refund policy, I suspect we can probably have a wild guess who the winner will be.


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