Airbnb tenants who decide against staying can now leave bad reviews

Airbnb customers who take one look at their accommodation and decide against it, or who leave early after finding it unacceptable, will now be able to leave bad reviews.

Currently, Airbnb’s online reviews system does not allow guests to rate accommodation which they have chosen not to stay at or which they have left early.

However, the Competition and Markets Authority has ruled that this is wrong, and told Airbnb to change its rating system.

Guests will be able to leave feedback including why they chose not to stay or cut short their stay.

Gordon Ashworth, CMA project director, said: “Airbnb is a popular platform used by people searching for accommodation, and the online reviews and opinions left by other guests are an important source of information.

“It’s therefore imperative that customers are able to access the complete picture about a property they are considering booking.

“We were concerned that, if someone cut short their stay, it was too hard for them to leave a review under Airbnb’s existing reviews system and so we are pleased that Airbnb engaged constructively with us and committed to making the necessary changes.”

An Airbnb spokesman said: “Ensuring that all of our hosts and guests can leave a review, regardless of whether the reservation was completed in full or not, will continue to strengthen our mutual review system.”

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