Agents in the 100 towns due to get millions in funding urged to help in transformations

The 100 towns across England which will receive a total of £3.6bn in funding have been named by the Government – and could represent a huge opportunity for agents in those places.

The Towns Fund will benefit 42 places across the Northern Powerhouse, and 33 in the Midlands Engine, as well as some places in the south such as Bournemouth.

Guild of Property Professionals CEO Iain McKenzie said: “This is a great opportunity for our members in those areas to join forces with other local businesses and the community to come up with an ambitious plan to transform their town’s economic growth prospects.

“The injection of monetary resource from the Government will help to improve infrastructure in those areas with a focus on aspects such as transport, broadband connectivity, skills and culture.

“The improvements will boost local business and will help attract more buyers to these areas.”



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  1. ArthurHouse02

    If there is £3.6 billion available, but up to £25 million will be invested per town, what is happening to the missing £1.1 billion?

    1. GPL


      1.1 Billion on Feasibility Study Fees …..that’s the usual, then nothing goes ahead!



      1. Bless You

        lol gpl, and will be spent over 25 years, giving each town £50 a year,

  2. singlelayer

    How does this work then? I’m a very large agent in one of the town’s listed and this is the first I’ve heard about it. Are the local authority going to hand the money out and if so, how do they decide/does one apply?
    The same story on P118 ( doesn’t mention agents in particular and I don’t see how giving me money would help anything…

    1. IWONDER36

      I think you’re missing the point, they won’t be handing out cash to already successful businesses, the benefit will come from improvements in your area, making it a more attractive place to live. Therefore property prices and rental yields should also increase along with your commissions.

      1. singlelayer

        The headline doesn’t suggest agents could benefit as a result of, but rather they’re due to get millions IN FUNDING…
        Even if you are correct, big wow. It’ll be mis-spent by the council like every other pot of money they’re given. I was only having a conversation the other day with someone about another chunk that is earmarked for the borough. The ‘natural in-built sense of fairness’ of the simpletons employed by the LA believe the money should be spread super-thinly…that way everyone benefits (or rather nobody benefits because of no noticeable difference). They’d be far better making the country/county/region’s biggest/best XYZ (be it shopping centre like Meadowhall, Sheffield or indoor ski slope like Xscape, Castleford or a premier regatta/whitewater/watersports centre like Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham etc.), which will attract those from outside -with it money- and further expansion/investment *because* of it.
        But no, we’ll have a few fancy ‘bendy’ street lights that are supposedly artistic and some **** new paving in a dead (it was dying 30 years ago) high street whose best days were the 50s and 60s, as my hometown’s share.


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