Agents Giving appeals for help with new food banks initiative

Industry charity Agents Giving is launching a new initiative by partnering with the Trussell Trust.

The Trussell Trust runs a network of over 425 food banks, giving emergency food and support to people in crisis across the UK, where 13m people live below the poverty line.

In the last year, it gave almost 2m three-day emergency food supplies to people in crisis.

Agents Giving is now asking for agents and suppliers to the industry to get behind this and support their local food bank and help families in crisis.

Agents are being encouraged to donate a food parcel to their local food bank, or act as a collection point in their office.

They can also support by volunteering their time at their local food bank, organise a fundraising event or by making a one-off donation.

Donating a food parcel is simple and items the food banks are in need of can be found below.

Agents Giving Day is coming up on June 22, and it is hoped that as many agents as possible will support their local food banks in this 24-hour period.

Samantha Lane, head of fundraising at the Trussell Trust, said: “Thanks to Agents Giving for linking local estate agents to food banks across the UK and for encouraging them to support our food bank network.

“Food banks rely on local businesses like estate agents to help them deliver vital services within their communities and break the cycle of poverty, so a huge thank you from us all at Trussell Trust.”

Peter Knight, chairman of Agents Giving, said: “We are delighted to be working with the Trussell Trust this year, promoting such a deserving and worthy cause.”

What’s in a Food Parcel?


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  1. nextchapter

    5th richest economy in the world and we have 13 million living below the poverty line, relying on food banks! That’s just wrong! I love the idea of this charity and would love to be a part of it.  I urge everybody to vote with your conscience and not your pocket on June 8th.  The reason foodbanks exist is because of this cruel Tory government.

    1. AgencyInsider

      The reason foodbanks exist is because of this cruel Tory government.

      1. nextchapter

        AgencyInsider You’re not another ‘The Sun’ or ‘Daily Mail’ reader are you?  Why do you think so many food banks exist and why so many people are living below the poverty line? I’m sure you’re going to spill off some sort of headline that you read once in one of above newspapers. 

  2. Simon Bradbury

    Whatever the reasons (and they are no doubt more complicated than they first appear) in respect of the need for food banks – the facts currently are…

    Some of our fellow human beings need food.

    Some of us are lucky enough to have spare food.

    Here is a simple idea to meet that need.


    I say BRAVO for a simply fantastic initiative!!!


    1. nextchapter

      I agree Simon Bradbury. Well said. 

      1. AgencyInsider

        And so do I. My response to your characterisation of the Tories as ‘cruel’ was to reject your assertion that the need for food banks has been driven by policies quite deliberately designed to cause harm to vulnerable people.


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