Agents fined after not signing up to redress scheme

Three letting agents in one town have been fined a total of £8,000 for not showing they belonged to a redress scheme.

They are Relish Residential, Smartmove Properties Management & Services, and J Jackson Properties, according to the local newspaper in Darlington.

The report says that Relish and Smartmove had both appealed against Darlington Borough Council’s decision to issue a final notice against them. However, a tribunal upheld the decision and the agents were fined £3,000 and £2,000 respectively.

J Jackson Property was fined £3,000 and did not challenge the council’s final notice.

The newspaper says all three are now registered, and Relish is now displaying the TPO logo.

The case against Relish apparently came to light after a tenant complained about the state of a property.

Lynn Smith told the paper: “It is like having an accident with an uninsured driver – there is nowhere for you to go and you have to do it all yourself

“If they had been the member of a scheme I could have gone to an ombudsman and got some redress.”

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  1. easternagent

    I wonder why such ‘agents’ are allowed to join a scheme retrospectively when having been fined for not doing so earlier seems to show a level of contempt for the laws of the land.


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