Agent queries Rightmove ‘advert’ which asks for ‘more properties like this’

An agent who complained about a listing on Rightmove says he is disappointed with the response he has received.

The listing, placed by Reeds Rains, was still live yesterday evening, advertising a property that is not on the market.

It is for a three-bed terrace rental property – but it is no longer available.

The listing says: “Let agreed prior to online advertising – similar properties urgently required.”

The agent, who has asked not to be named, says that this is simply touting for business. He says the response he has received has not addressed his query, but that he had always understood that properties on Rightmove could only be listed around their availability.

We asked Rightmove about this, and yesterday evening a spokesperson said: “The text used in listings should be specific or unique to the property being advertised.

“To ensure prospective tenants see the most up to date properties Rightmove has technology in place that automatically removes properties that are marked let agreed after six weeks if an agent does not do so.”

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  1. 1bobbit1

    The agent in question needs to focus on their own business – have they nothing better to do?

    1. localagent735

      I disagree. every agent should be on a level playing field and agents shouldn’t be allowed to ‘bend the rules’.

  2. Mark Walker 2

    Manipulating the statistics to boost my figures.  What’s wrong with that?

  3. Leicestercitystar

    It’s good marketing trying to attract new business but at the same time if we all did it, rightmove would look rubbish with adverts.


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